Skater chik(a Harry Styles fanfiction)

this is a story about a girl name Jennifer who finds her true love while skating.She knows who he is,but acts all cool. Her bestfriend Bella was their too. While Harry is trying to get her to go out on a date with him will Jennifer finally just give up and realize shes in love with him.

this is my first movella so plz no hate


11. Gurlfriendsss

Jennifer's P.O.V.


We walked out and Harry said"the boys want you to meet their girlfriends when we get back" "okay"I said we all went to our houses Harry called me and said he would be at my house at 8:30. "otay tay" "byee" "bai"I looked at the clock it was 6:30.that gave me 2 hours to get ready."BELLIBEAR I NEED HELP" she came running up with her hair and make-up stuff."occasion and other person?" "Dinner date,Harry Styles"she smiled she went into my clostet and got this out with some black heels it looked so cute she game me some black and pink smokey eye saying"it must match your outfit" she straitened my hair then put it into a high poney tail then putting a huge hot pink bow in front of it



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