Little Things

"Are you guys One Direction?" I asked "Yep.....Are you fans?" Niall laughed his famous laugh


4. The Sleepover

Kelsey's P.O.V  

I was waiting up stairs blasting my radio in my bedroom while I was waiting for Jes and Dani to get here when I heard LWWY on the radio and I stared scream sing "TONIGHT LETS GET SOME AND LIVE WHILE WERE YOUNG!!!!" when I heard the door open I freaked out I didn't know if it was Dani or Jes or ever a murderer so I grabbed the closest thing to a weapon I could find....A hand bag. I crawled around on the floor trying to be sneaky. I got to the stairs and walked down slowly and just decided to ran and luckily it was only my mom coming back from the store. "Kelsey are you ok sweetheart?" my heart was racing I seriously thought I was going to die "Yea mom I thought you were a murderer haha." I started to walk up the stairs when I heard the doorbell ring "I GOT IT MOM!" I yelled. I ran back down the stairs and almost tripped but luckily I caught myself I ran straight over to the door and slammed right into it I could hear Jes and Dani laughing I assumed they knew that I ran into the door considering I did it quiet a lot. I opened the and Dani and Jes were still laughing their heads off but they finally calmed down enough to walk through the door. We went to the kitchen to get some food considering me and Dani but mostly me were hunger like all the time we grabbed some snacks and popcorn and ran over to the couch I popped open the hunger games we sat together all in one blanket as usual and were watching intensely and of course when Rue died we all sat there crying. The movie ended and we all ran up to my room and sat on my bed and started talking "So hey guys I have something to tell you." I said "ARE YOU PREGNANT?" Dani blurted out "No Dani I am not pregnant why do you always guess that? anyways well guess what guys?" "Um what your not pregnant so why don't you just tell us cause I'm to lazy to guess" Jess said "Well you know how we've all been wanting to go to on vacation to London? Well my mom got us tickets to go on friday and we'll be there for one month" I said almost to the point of screaming. They both looked at me like are you serious? And about 3 seconds later we all screamed are lung out and Dani about fell off the bed. We all got off the bed and started jumping while screaming "KELSEY WILL YOU GUYS JUST GO TO BED?!?!?!" My mom said coming out of her bedroom quiet mad. We all looked at each other about to laugh. Finally we decided it was time for bed so we all went to bed.

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