Little Things

"Are you guys One Direction?" I asked "Yep.....Are you fans?" Niall laughed his famous laugh


8. The Plane Ride To New York/London

We boarded the plane and took of to New York it was about a 7 hour flight from L.A. to New York  and our flight from New York to London was at 2 am so we had a long flight a head of us. "You can now turn on your electronics" The Flight attentant said so I turned my laptop on so we could watch Elf one of the best christmas movies of all time and its one of me,Dani,and Jess. We start the movie and we were laughing our heads off and people were looking at us like um were trying to sleep you insane girls. After we finish the movie we all fell asleep for almost the end of our flight to New York. "Attention passengers we will be decinding in to New York 10 minutes please buckle your seat belts and turn off your electronics." We got off the plan and got our luggage and headed to our next plane "Wait guys I want to but a key chain!" Dani said me and Jess both looked at her like are you freaking kidding me but we ran to the gift shop and got a key chain and ran back to where our next flight was. Then we heard a voice say "Now boarding Flight to London,UK" so we ran all the way there but luckily we got there on time, out of breath but at least we got there on time. We boarded the next plane almost screaming because we were so excited to go to london and we'd be there in 8 hours it was so exciting. We got in and went to our seats but this time there was only two seats and one right across from the two seats that had an old man in one of the seats. We all looked at each "ROCK,PAPER,SCISSORS" I declaterd and of course I won the first round so it was between Jess and Dani "ROCK,PAPER,SCISSORS" They said declared and Jess ended up winning so Dani had to sit with the old man. We took our seats and me and Jess started to make fun of Dani "Hey Dani why don't you say hello to him?" I suggested trying not to laugh. "Hello sir" She said "Ello lil girl" He said in a british accent "My name is Danielle Sir what is yours" Dani said "Ello Danielle My name is Alfred" The Old British man said "Well Nice to meet you Alfred" Dani said Me and Jess were trying to contain ourselves from laughing but we couldn't help it anymore we just burst out laughing Dani gaves us a glare and we stupid up trying not to laugh. "Danielle would you like to hear a story about when I was is war?" The British man said "Sure" she said look at us like help me please. Finally we got to london we were jumping and screaming we were so excited to be there I mean we were actually in London. We got our luggage and headed out to look for a taxi and we found one and went to our hotel and settled in. "Guys can you believe it were in London the same country as One Direction" I said "I know hey guys we should just take a nap, wait guys look outside its snowing" Jess said. "OMG" we all said. "Oh boy, guys lets just take a little nap so we can go adventure around k." I said and we all took a nap. 

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