Little Things

"Are you guys One Direction?" I asked "Yep.....Are you fans?" Niall laughed his famous laugh


7. The Awkward Drive Home

Kelsey's P.O.V I backed out of the park spot and started to drive home Dani and Jess fell right asleep right as we got in the car we had about an hour drive home so I just turned on the music and started singing to Payphone "Kelsey you have such a beautiful voice. You could be like a singer someday" Dani said still half asleep but half away also so I didn't know what to say "Thanks Dani, just go back to sleep we still have an hour until we get home" Dani look at me slowly just fell asleep and I continued singing. 
30 Minutes later
  We were about thirty minutes away from my house when Dani and Jess started to wake up. "Kels how come your not singing anymore?" Jess asked "Well you guys were asleep so I just kind just listened to the music" I said "Why don't you sing again?" Dani asked. I couldn't help but blush "Come on Kelsey you almost better thank Katy perry" Jess said and I turned bright red like a cherry tomato "Fine I'll sing" I replied. I had dani plug in my ipod and play a song "Blown away by Carrie Underwood" I said. She found it and started to sing. "Wow your amazing" Jess said clapping and smiling "Thanks" I said blushing. Finally we got back to my house and got all our stuff and of the car. "MOM, WE'RE HOME" I  yelled and walked over to the kitchen cause I was hungry yet again and found a note on the counter "Kelsey I went to dinner with some of my friends be back later, love mom" Well we had the house to ourselves which was kind of funny I guess. I walked over to the pantry and saw $20 with a note that said "for pizza,love mom" "Yes no PB&J" I shouted. Dani and Jess had went up stairs and started to pack and I called the pizza guy. "This is Two jacks, may I take you order?" 
"Yes, Hi can I get a large peporino, olive, and mushroom pizza with a pepsi please?" I asked "Yes, will this be for pick up or delievery?" 
"Delievery please?" I told the pizza place my adress and hung up the phone and ran up the stairs with my bags to start pack and saw Dani and Jess on my laptop so I ran in my room screaming and they fell right off the bed and I fell on the floor laughing. "Hey guys I ordered the pizza" I said still laughing. *Ding dong* "PIZZA!!!!!" We all screamed because we were so hungry we started running towards the door and of course the tripped down the stairs but at least I got down there faster. "Hey pizza guy!!!" I said as I opened the door "Haha my names Tod" he said "Oh well hi tod" we all said. "Here's a twenty hope that enough" I said "Yep covers everything even a tip" He said "Ok well bye Tod hope to see you again sometime" I said as I closed the door. The smell of pizza traveled all through my house it smelled so freaking good! I went and put the pizza on the table and went to the t.v. and turned on youtube so we could watch old one direction videos "Vas happenin?" Dani said as she put the pepsi on the table "Ok are we ready for a one direction video marathion?" "Yea we are" Jes and Dani replied. We went to the table and started eatting while watching the videos. "NO JIMMY PROTESTED!!!!" Jess yelled out "Vas Happenin?" Dani said "Yeah buddie" I said. After we finsihe eating we were exusted so we all fell asleep on the couch listening to little things.
It was about 5:30 when my mom got home and woke me up "Sweetheart we have to leave for the airport, wake up Dani and Jess to please so we can go just get some shoes on and some pj's" my mom said "Ok mom" I said "Jess, Dani wake up we have to leave for the airport k  just hurry and go get shoes and pj's on" "Ok Kels" They both said. [Kelsey: ] [ ] []. After we were all ready to go we got in my moms car and she drove us to the airport and we got on our plane to London
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