Little Things

"Are you guys One Direction?" I asked "Yep.....Are you fans?" Niall laughed his famous laugh


6. Shopping For London

Kelsey's P.O.V. "Hey Kels how about some music instead of silence,ya?" Jess said turning the radio on. "OH TURN IT UP KELSEY. TURN IT UP ITS SEAN KINGSTION!!!!" Dani exclaimed. I turned up the music in my car "WE LIKE TO SLEEP ALL DAY AND PARTY ALL NIGHT!!!" We all scram at the top of our lungs and we started to dance in the car when suddenly the light turned red to I stop the car and we started to dance like crazy and I looked over at the car next to us and he was looking at use like what the heck are they doing but I winked at him and then the light turned green and we drove away laughing. Finally we got to the mall and I parked the car and we all walked in. "So where to first ladies? Forever 21, Rue 21, DEB, or where to?" I asked when I fantastic idea came into my head "We should go get luggage bags. We just might need them to go to London" I exclaimed. We all started to walk over to Jcpenney's to go buy luggage bags when these one of these three stupid guys bumped into me a on purpose. "Ugh what the heck dude! what was that for?" I shouted "I'm soo sorry. I didn't mean to I sweat" The guy said helping me pickup my purse. "Well then its fine and thank you for helping me pickup my bag up but we have to go now" I said in a very stern voice. We walked away in a little sassy pissed off attitudes and after we got far enough away from them we all started laughing almost to the point of crying kind of laughing. When got to Jcpenney we had calmed ourselves down and were being chill as usual and walked in the store to the luggage section and just walked around trying to find cute bags "Ok lets split up and just say found mine when we find our bags we want" I suggested. We all were looking for our bags I really want to find a One Direction bag set or a aqua blue bag or a giraffe print one maybe! Dani was looking for a zebra print bag and Jess was look for purple bag. "FOUND MINE!!!" Dani yelled ou and a couple seconds later Jess yelled out "FOUND MINE" and now I'm the only one who has to find the perfect bag "Kelsey have you found yours yet?" They asked me "No....wait FOUND IT!!!" I exclaimed very happily . Finally that we had found and bought our bags we headed for the stores. "Where to first?" Jess asked  "Um Forever 21?" I said "Ok lets go there" Dani added. We bought a bunch of outfits from Forever 21 after we had spend one hour just in there and we were starved so we went and got food and took a little break from shopping and trying on clothes. After are little break and eating some food we went to go buy shoes to go with our outfits so we went to journeys hoping to find some heals and some supras preferably black, white, blue or cheetah. Finally our four hours at the mall were up and we had shopped till we dropped we had went everywhere Journeys,DEB,Forever 21,Hollister, Victoria Secret for our unmentionables and Aeropostle basically every place there was clothes we went there. Now we just had to pack everything and we'd be on a plane to London tomorrow morning.

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