Little Things

"Are you guys One Direction?" I asked "Yep.....Are you fans?" Niall laughed his famous laugh


9. 1st Trip To Nandos

I woke up from having a nice two hour nap. Dani and Jess were still sleeping but I was straving to death! so I changed my clothes [ ] I wrote them a note that I was going to go try Nandos and call me on my cell when you get up. I went down the elorvator and went and asked the check in women where Nandos was at. "Oh Nandos is just around the corner you can't miss it" She said smiling I said thank you and then left. I walked down the street in search of nandos when suddenly I found a bright sign with a chicken on it "NANDOS" I screamed people look at me like I was crazy but I just laughed and went in. I went up the the cashier "Hi welcome to Nandos, what can I get you today" a peeky teenage girl asked "Um can I get the double breasted chicken wrap, medium spice with peri chips, a medium corn on the cob, 5 chicken wings-hot and a pepsi." She look at me like wow are you actually getting all that "Alright coming right up." I went to go find a table I felt like a total loner being all by myself so I just put my earphones in and put on some One Direction. As I was waiting for my food listening to my ipod pretty loud I felt a tab on my shoulder so I took out one of my  earphones and turned around "Yea?" I said smile as I looked up "Ello are you eating by yourself?" He said in the cutest irish voice he looked really fimiliar "Ya sure my friends were suppose to come but there still sleeping" I said still smiling because he was way way WAY CUTE! "So, whats your name love?" He said smiling at me. His smile was just perfect it made me melt inside. "My name is Kelsey Ford but you can call me Kels." I said "Wow your name is just beautiful." He said and I started to blush "Thanks, whats your name?" I said still blushing. "My name is Niall Horan" He said and suddenly it clicked in my brain he was Niall Horan of One Freaking Direction!!! I just sat there starring at him in amazment I mean Niall Horan was actual talking to a nobody like me why would he choose me? And then I snapped out of it "Ha sorry I was thinking about something" I said shyly "What are you listening to" Niall said as he sat down right next to me. I got chills I was freaking out inside my heart was beating a billion miles an hour. "Um just an amazing band" I said trying my best not to freak out and be shy. "Can I take a listen?" He said "Sure I said changing the song to Westlife and gave him an earphone. "I love this song and band!!!" He said "Me to" I smiled. "Kels your order is ready." the cashier lady called out. "Hold on I'll be right back."  Niall's P.O.V.   Kelsey was an amazing girl she liked the same music I did, She has the sweetest personality, and her smile made me smile. I think I kind of might like her a little bit but she'd never like me. Kelsey P.O.V.
I couldn't believe Niall horan is eating lunch with me I can believe it. I went up to the cashier and got all my food I was straving to dealth and as I turned around there Niall was I almost smacked straight into him. "Woah the was a close one" I said laughing "Ya, really close." He said laughing and walking up to the cashier "Hey Niall do you want you usually." She said "You know it Kailey" he said. "Coming right up." He started to come back over "So Kelsey are you gonna eat all that food?" He said laughing a little. His laugh was contangeous so I start to laugh as I replied "Yes I can eat way more than this though. As you can tell I love food" He smiled back at me. "Hey Niall your orders ready" Kailey called out. Niall went and got his food and came back over and we start to eat our food. When we were done Niall and me start to talk again "So Kelsey I know this is really sudden but can I have your number so we can hang out again." He said blushing shyly and that made me blush. "Sure" I said smiling and giving him my number. We started to walk out of the resterant to go our seprate ways and we hugged goodbye and I started to walk back to the hotel which was a mile away. "Hey want a ride?" Niall said when he saw me walking "Yes I would love one." We got in his car and started to drive to the hotel it was a very short ride I didn't want it to end "Wait Kelsey!" Niall said as I was about to get out of the car I got back in and he hugged me again it made me fell all warm instead I was falling for him fast and hard. we stopped hug and out of no where I kissed him but it wasn't just any old kiss it was passionate it was like he had wanted to kiss me. We stopped kissing "Ok text me later Niall" I said getting out of the car and waving as I walked into the hotel.
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