For A Lifetime

"You're selfish! A spoiled little brat even! But that's okay, because I want you in my life. For every minute of the day, for the rest of my life. I don't want to loose you again, not ever."


1. Chapter 1


It all started with the June carnival,1965. She had stole his heart the moment he set eyes on her. He was under her spell in an instant. Her long chocolate brown hair, and bright blue eyes drove poor,little Thomas mad. Lilian Gerrit was her name.

"Tom! Hurry up, Rose is waiting!" Flinn shouted over the loud machinery. A group of small children ran past, laughing loudly. Flinn and Thomas were like two peas in a pod. After all they grew up together. "Hey baby! You look good!" Flinn waved to his long-time sweetheart Rose. 

Rose had bought popcorn, and had been sharing it with, as Tom described, a beautiful girl. "Who's that?" Tom asked in wonder. Flinn smirked "Lilian Gerrit, richest girl in Alabama. Her father's company found some gold out west."

Thomas is the kind of person where if he see's something he like, he'll find a way to make it his. He walked right up to her "Hell, miss. My name is Thomas Milton." She smiled and just walked around him, giving Flinn a big hug. "Hey Flinn! I haven't seen you in ages!" Now, Thomas wasn't the kind to give up so easily. 

He got in front of there again, this time looking her directly in the eyes. His heart pounded, and even though he was nervous, he asked "Would you like to go on the slides with me?"

She tried not to smile, and responded "No." She grabbed Rose's arm, pulling her away from the odd man she has just met. She didn't know why, but she felt a strange attraction to him. "Can you believe that guy?" Lily asked. "Yeah, but that's just Tom for you." Rose smiled, looking back.

Flinn and Thomas followed behind, smiling. "You like her, don't you?" Flinn asked elbowing Thomas in the ribs. Thomas smiled "Yeah, help me out?" Flinn nodded, creating a plan in his head. Flinn was the smart, devilish one.

"Alright, I got it." Flinn ran up to Rose. Tom couldn't make out what he was saying. A moment later, Rose and Flinn were running in the opposite direction. Both Lily, and Tom were completely confused. "Good luck, Tom!" Flinn shouted back. 

Thomas chuckled, strolling over to Lily. "Wanna' go on the slides now?" He asked. "No, I think I'll go home now." She turned, heading for the entrance. Lilian knew he was watching her, so she threw in a little hip action. 

Thomas caught up with her "Home? It ain't safe for a lady to walk home all alone at night." She shrugged "Who said I was walking?" "You got a car then?" Thomas shoved his hands into his pockets. "No..Do you?"

In all honesty, Lilian hoped he had a car. She wanted Tom to ride her home. "Yeah, I got a car." Thomas smiled. "You offering a ride?" She smiles. "You askin' for one?"

She paused "Give me a ride?" Thomas smiled like an idiot. He grabbed her small hand, that seemed to fit perfectly into his. He lead her away to his black truck. It wasn't new, or nice, but it worked. He even opened the door for the like a gentlemen. 

"Where to, miss?" Thomas said, hopping into the drivers seat. "421 Bakers street." Bakers street was manly built for only the rich. The mayor decided he wanted the eastern part of town all to the rich. He named it 'Mazland Town.'

"So...I never really found out what you do." Lilian asked. She had a feeling that Thomas wasn't the richest person, not that she minded. In her opinion 'poor' people had way more freedom.

"What do I do? If you mean my job, I teach boxing to kids down at the old clothing factory." Thomas was taught how to box at a young age, his father taught him. "You teach boxing?" Lilian was born an only child, and believe it or not, she wanted to be able to defend herself.

Thomas pulled up in her driveway. Her house was large, blue, and had a giant garden on the side. "Yeah, why?" Thomas didn't want to let her go. He wanted to be near her. "You think you could give me a lesson sometime?" Again, that stupid smile spread across Tom's lips. "How about tomorrow?" She nodded, and jumped out of the car. Tom could see her beautiful smile.

He drove out of the driveway, cheering the whole way.

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