New school

Adriana is heart broken. After her boyfriend broke up with her, she decided to never fall in love again. But it is to her to decide? Later on she moves from Australia and back to England. She begins as a senior. At the new school she gets a little bit more popular then she wish for....


3. Nothing but fun!

            Adriana's p.o.v

      We got into Louis' orange van. Louis were driving, Zayn were in the seat next to him, I ended up between Harry and Liam and Niall sat in the back between Nate and Leah. "So where are we going?" I asked Liam. "We are going too a place called 'the base'. It's kind of where everyone hanging out." he answered, smiling. "It's HUGE!!" Niall exclaimed in his cute, Irish voice. "It's like a huge park with both a skate ramps and fields and small stores, everything!" Zayn filled me in with his thick Bradford accent I think.  


After a 10 minutes drive we finally arrived. And they where right, it was huge!!! "Wow!" I exclaimed amazed and looked around, it was beautiful. Liam grabbed my shoulders. "It's a bit crowded, but you almost always find a place to sit," he explained. That was when I saw all the people. 'A bit crowded' was an understatement, it was people everywhere! My eyes fell on Liams and again, I got lost in his hazel brown, crystal clear eyes. "Adriana, look!! It's a skate ramp!" Nate's voice snapped me out from my stare and made me jump. "Oh, eh, I forgot your skateboard! I'm sorry Nate," I told him. I looked at him sad. "So you skate, young lad?" Louis asked him and got down on his knees so he was in Nate's height. He shyly hided behind me and nodded small. Louis smiled brightly. "Well then, why don't you borrow mine so I can see how good you are?" Nate quickly jumped out from his hiding place behind me and his face lighted up in a huge grin. "Really!" He jumped up and down i excitement. "Yea sure, mate, come on," Lou said as he grabbed his board and walked of. I smiled at how cute they looked as Nate took Louis' hand. "Shall we find a place to sit down maybe?" Liam's voice interrupted my thoughts. "Yes, lets go," I said as we walked over to look for a place. Wow, this place really is big... 


Eventually we found a nice place. And we had so much fun! Nate tought Leah to skate, wile me and the boys playd vollyball in the gras. When it started to get late we sat down at this small beach ish place, where someone had bouild a fire. We sat down and Niall grabbed his gituar and started to play around. Harry started humming along and soon he was singing wonderwall. And his voice were beautiful. I stared at him with big eyes. Then the rest of the boys joined in and I just sat there in shock. It was like hearing five angles sing! My yaw fell to the floor as they contined. By the time they finished, I was spechless. "Adri? You okay?" Liam asked worried after five minutes of me just sitting there with my mouth open like a fish. "Oh, eh, yea. It´s just... you are... I mean, you really I, I..." Zayns laughe interrupted me. I blushed and looked down. "You all have amazing voises," I finally made out. "Aw thanks you," Niall said winking. 

We contineud to joke around for a while until my phone rang. I got up and walked a little bit away from the others.

"Where the hell are you!" It was my mother.

"I´m out with some friends, mom," I said and sighted.

"Well, you and your brother need to get home NOW!" she yelled.

"Okay, mom," I replied again and she hung up. When she was in that mood I knew nothing helped but listen to her.

"Uh guys, I really need to leave, it was mom. I kinda need to hurry" I said. Liam got up. "I will drive you!" He said and grabbed the keys. "Thanks for an amzing day, guys," I said as all of the boys gave me a hug. Leah runned up in front of me and wrapped her tiny arms around my waist. Then I grabbed Nates hand as we walked to the van and got in.


"You can dropp us of here," I told Liam as we were 10 meters from my house. He looked a little confeused, but nodded. I turned to look at Liam. "Really, thank you so much for tonight, both me and Nate needed that," I said an stared into his eyes. We got caught in the moment as we started to lean in. Just as our noses where touching, Nate sneezed. I quickly pulled away and opened the door. "Bye Liam," I said and waved. He gave me a sad smile back, "bye." I grabbed Nates hand as Liam drove away. Well inside the house the first thing I heard was screaming ...

Welcome to hell ...  

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