New school

Adriana is heart broken. After her boyfriend broke up with her, she decided to never fall in love again. But it is to her to decide? Later on she moves from Australia and back to England. She begins as a senior. At the new school she gets a little bit more popular then she wish for....


2. Friends

            Adriana's p.o.v
     The next hours of the day was okay, but it was the time between the classes I liked the most. You see. Liam waited for me and followed me to all the classes! He was so nice. Harry on the other hand, were crap. There was nothing other with him then a good looking. He only came with some mean comments to me every now and then. And of course we were in all the same classes. Anyways, I sat starring at the clock. Hoping it would go a little bit faster. It was only five minutes until lunch, witch means, 45 minutes with Liam. "You know time wont go faster just because you stare at the clock?" Harry asked. I rolled my eyes. I always seemed to end up sitting beside him. The bell rung and I sprinted out of the room. Of course Liam stood there. "Come one, lets go," he said smiling. 
I told him about Harry. "Don't care about him, he can seem like a jerk in the beginning, but he's actually nice when you get to know him," he said, "but, if he say anything more, just tell me, and I'll punch him. Promise." I laughed. "Thanks Liam." We walked into the crowded cafeteria. "Over her," he said and we sat down at a table in the middle of the room. In a second I thought we would be sitting alone, but suddenly a group of four boys came and sat down with us. And of course one of them were Harry. "Adriana, this is Niall," a blond boy waved at me, "Louis," he pointed at the boy who looked a bit like himself. "Also known as the Tommo Tomlinson," he said while putting his hands on his hips and stood up. I laughed. "Yea, okay Lou," Liam said smiling and shaking his head, "and Zayn," the boy wit black hair waved. "And I'm Harry, but of course you already knew that. Nice to meet you, Adriana. Again," Harry said and winked. I rolled my eyes. "Well, Harry, you shouldn't use word you don't know what means," I said staring at him. "And which word did I use that I don't know what means?" He asked. "Nice," I said raising my eyebrow. "And what makes you think that I don't know what 'nice' means?" "Well, we have had all the classes together today and you haven't said one nice word to me since you protected me for Sofia or whatever her name was." It felt good to say it to him. It was only my first day, so he had no right to be mean to me. "Wow Harry, mean much?" The one I think was named Louis said. Niall laughed so hard it looked like he were going to fall down from the chair. "Oh shut up Lou," Harry said as he got up and walked away. Now both Niall and Louis actually were lying on the floor laughing. I was confused. "What's so funny?" I asked Liam. "Well, no one have ever actually talked that way to Harry, and he looked like you had hit him in the balls or something," he said and hold back a laugh. "But, I, I didn't meant to say it that way, I just I.." Zayn interrupted me, "what you did, was just amazing!! He so deserved it!" He said and hi eyes were glowing. I smiled. The rest of the lunch nothing special happened. We talked and I got to know them. They were so nice and funny. Niall laughed of everything, Louis always said something funny, Zayn  were weary sweet and only came with a comment now and then which all was so funny I think I died, and Liam, he was just the cutes, sweetest most wonderful person I've ever met. But no, I couldn't fall for him, not for anyone. Not after my last boyfriend, Eric, broke up with me this summer. For another girl.  And still, one month after the brake, I still cry myself to sleep every night. So I couldn't fall for anyone, I would only end up heartbroken, again.
       Harry's p.o.v
   That girl! It didn't help a damn that she hated me. It actually only did that I liked her even more that she didn't throw herself over me like every other girl I know. I sat down against the wall. What should I do? Liam liked her, and the last thing I wanted was our friendship to get broken. But I had never felt this way before. When I thought about her, the butterflies in my stomach went all crazy, and whenever I am near her, my hands go all sweaty and my heart beats like a million times faster. Arg, I hated this! Why couldn't my body just act normally? She was just a girl. That I didn't even knew. That Liam had a crush on. That only had been to our school for one day. That I only had been mean to. Gosh.
       Adriana's p.o.v
   I walked out of the classroom and no shock, I saw Liam. "It weird, Harry have been all nice to me since lunch," I said as we walked to the parking lot. "There you see, he's actually very sweet, you just have to get to know him."
I toughed  of what Liam said all the way home. Could it be true? Could someone be such a dick all morning and then, all out of sudden, become nice? Obviously they could. And if it stays this way, we could maybe be friends? I hope so. Cause, as Liam said, he's actually very nice. 
"I fucking hate you!!" Was the first thing I heard when I came in the door. My parents were fighting, like always. They never really acted like parents, they even hit me sometimes. I walked upstairs to my big brothers room. Josh and Jake. They're 19 years and twins. "Hey losers," I said as I closed the door. "Hey lil sis," they said, "how was first day?" "Pretty much fine, yours?" They laughed, "awesome," Josh said. "And why that, may I ask?" "Well, you see, we met this girls..." Jake started. "Okay, okay! Don't need to hear it!" I said throwing my hands in the air. "Well then sis, were there any handsome boys at your school?" Josh asked. I rolled my eyes. "Shhhh Josh! You know our baby sis still is heartbroken after that jerk she called her boyfriend," Jake said half shouting half whispering. "Thanks Jake," I said laughing. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket.

From: Liam

wanna hang out with me nd the boys now??(:

I toughed of it. I needed to get out, but I couldn't I had to pick up my nine year old little brother Nathan and watch him. It was my turn, and the twins had already plans. And I couldn't let him be alone with my parents. If they did something to him, I would kill them. Since our dad is alcoholic and or mum is depressed like always, me and my brothers had raised Nate all alone.

Too: Liam 

sorry, can't... :/ have to watch my lil brother..


From: Liam 

Awww): u sure??

I was about to answer yes, but then Josh took my phone. "Who's Liam and 'the boys'?" He asked reading my messages. "Josh! Get my phone!" I said while stretching after my phone. "Who do you think he is, Jake?" He asked handing Jake my phone. "Hmmm.... Good question," he said. 

Too: Liam 

but if I can bring him, it will be okay:) 

 Jake typed in the last while reading it out load. "There you go sis!" He said, throwing my phone to me. "Gee thanks, what should I've done without you," I said sarcastic. 

From: Liam 

sounds great! we can pick u up @ yours, just tell ure address :)

 I froze. I couldn't let Liam know how it was here. i mean, this house is a mes at the inside. "Okay, and now you look like you've seen a ghost. What's up?" Jake asked. I couldn't speak so i just handed him my phone. "Well, now i see you're problem, just, eh, say they can meet at Nate's school then?" I nodded and a smiled slowly formed at my lips. "That's actually a great idea, Jack. Proud" I said pretending to wipe away a tear. He shoved my shoulder.

Too: Liam

can u pick me up at my lil brother's school? need to get him first ;)


From: Liam

k:) see you soon then

I smiled and got up. "Uh wait, if they pick me up there, what am i suppose to do with my car?" i asked. "We can drive you, sis." Josh said and got up. "Yea, we're going that way anyways," Jack continued. 


We got into the car and they sat me of at Nate's school. "Thanks for the ride, losers," I said and got out. "Always, girly," Josh said and drove of. I shocked my head and smiled as i walked towards the main entrance. "Hey!" i turned around and saw Harry. He came up beside me. "What are you doing here?" I asked "picking up my baby sis, Leah. What about you?" he said and smiled a breathtaking smile. "Picking up my baby bro, Nathan," he pened the door and held it open for me. "He's joining us, too?" i nodded, "Leah, too." I smiled. This was good. Then Nate could be with Leah. We walked into the classroom. I looked around. Kids everywhere. "Hello, can I help you?" a lady around 40 years said and smiled. "Um, yes, I'm here to pick up Nathan," I said. "Oh hello. I'm Anna, Nathans teacher," she said and reached out her hand. I took it. "Hi, I'm Adriana, Nathans sister." She smiled warm, "just wait, I'll get him. Nathan!" She walked away and I turned to Harry, who now stood with a little girl who had the same green eyes and curly hair as him. "Leah, meet Adriana, she and her brother Nate will hang with us today," I took her hand. "Nice to meet you." She gave me a hug. "Leah don't talk. She can, but haven't don it since she was 2," Harry explained. Suddenly i felt someone pull in the end of my jacket. I turned around and saw Nate. "Hey bro," I said and sat down on my knees in front of him. "Other plans today. We will hang out with some friends, okay?" "Yes!" he whispered and I got up. "Nate, this is Harry and Leah." He smiled shyly and looked down. "Hey mate," Harry said and smiled. "Ready to meet the coolest people in this town? After me of course." He looked up at Harry. "Will it be fun?" he asked shyly. "It will be the funniest day of your life!" Harry said enthusiastic. I saw Nathans face light up in a big smile. I felt my phone vibrate.

From: Liam

'r u coming? we r outside(:

"Come on, they're here," I said and Nate took my hand. I knew this day would be amazing.




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