New school

Adriana is heart broken. After her boyfriend broke up with her, she decided to never fall in love again. But it is to her to decide? Later on she moves from Australia and back to England. She begins as a senior. At the new school she gets a little bit more popular then she wish for....


1. First class at new school

        Adriana's p.o.v

   I parked my car outside the school. I was early, there were only a few others here. I took a deep breath and stepped out of the car. I went too the main office and got my schedule. "Here you go, sweety. You're first class is Science with mr. Dambly," the lady at the office said. I smiled and nodded before walking to the school building where it now was packed with students. I walked past a group of five boys. All pretty good looking. Anyways I didn't got time to look at them, cause I saw one of them turn his head my way and my cheeks started to boil. I fast hided my nose deep into the schedule and the map of the school trying to find out where Science class were. I didn't see where I was walking and suddenly I bumped into someone and loosed all my papers. Without looking up I bent down to pick them up. "I'm sorry, I didn't saw where I was walking. Let me help you," the boy I bumped into said. I looked at him. His brown hair was styled and I got lost in his beautiful brown eyes. "You're new here, right??" I got dragged out of my stare into his eyes and back to reality. "Um, yea," I answered and gathered the rest of my papers. "Cool. What class do you have?" He asked helping me up and handing over the rest of the papers. "Science with mr. Dambly," I answered. "I can follow you there, I'm in the class next door," he smiled and started to walk. I couldn't do otherwise than follow him. "Here it is," he said not long after. "I'm Liam btw." I nodded, "I'm Adriana. Thanks for following me too class, I'm not good at maps." He laughed. "That to bad, this school is more like a labyrinth." My turns to laughe, "well, thanks for the cheering fact." He smiled, "you're welcome. And late. Get into class now," he said as the the last students walked in. I nodded. "Thanks again, Liam." He waved at me as I walked in. "You must be Adriana," the teacher said as he saw me. "Sit down," he said and pointed at a empty seat in the back of the cclassroom. I felt everyone staring at me as I walked trough the room and automatic bowed my head down. I sat down at the stool. "Now everyone, I want you too look at you're sideman. You will be working together the rest of the semester," mr. Dambly continued. I looked up and took a look at my sideman. I lost my breath. His curly, black hair framed the face to an angel. And his beautiful, green eyes. "Hi. I'm Harry," he said while studying me up and down. I suddenly felt my cheeks grow red. "I'm Adriana," I said and smiled. "So you're ne.." He started but got interrupted. "Harry!" A girl wined and came up behind him. He got up and kissed her. "Sofia," he said. "I've missed you sooo much," she said stretching the 'o' in 'so'. Then she saw me and her smile disappears within seconds. "And you are?" she asked bitchy. "Hi, I'm Adriana," I said an stretched out a hand. "Okay..." She said rolling her eyes. "And where do you think you're sitting?" She asked. I felt nervous. "I, eh, I..." "Mr. Dambly told her to," Harry rescued me. "Well," she answered and walked up to the teacher. I couldn't hear what they said, but she stormed down to another empty stool at the other end of the room. "Thanks for saving me," I said to Harry as I got my voice back. "Yea, whatever," he mumbled and continued to stare right ahed of him. Okay... What was that for? "So, uh, that's you're girlfriend?" I asked trying to make an conversation. "Yea, so," he mumbled still staring. I gave up. He obviously didn't wanted to speak. The rest of the class I coughed him look at me a couple of times. This were only an awkward situation.    


       Liam's p.o.v

   I got of the bus. It was so typical me to break my car just before school starts. I walked too my locker to get my books for the first class. "Liam!" I heard someone shout behind me as I unlocked my locker. I turned around and saw my four bestfriends Harry, Louis, Niall and Zayn. I smiled. Us five had been bestfriends since 1th grade. We talked about what we had been doing when we weren't together. "Guys, I gotta go no," I said after a while. "But your class don't start in before in 15 mins?" Harry said confused. "Um, you can never be to early," I said and quickly walked away. The truth is, I saw this girl, that I hadn't seen before. And she was beautiful. 

After a while whirring around I started to give up looking for her. I took out my phone and didn't saw were I was walking, cause suddenly I bumped into someone, making the person loos all of her books. "Sorry, I didn't saw where I was walking. Let me help you," I said and started to gathering the papers she lost. I looked at her. It actually was the girl I saw earlier! And she were even more beautiful close-up. Her hair was long, blond and wavy, and her eyes were blue, like krystals. "You're new here, right?" I asked. I needed to say something to brake the awkward silence. "Um, yea," she answered while gathering the rest of the papers. "Cool. What class do you have?" I asked. I decided to follow her to her class. We talked until I suddenly realized she would be late. I waved at her before going to my own class. Math. Of course I couldn't concentrate on algebra now. Not right after I had talked to the most beautiful and cutest girl I've ever met.


        Harry's p.o.v

    Liam left in the middle of the conversation. 'You can never be to early'. Yea right. He saw someone, and I was going to follow him. "I also gotta go now," I told the rest of the boys. "Okay, Harry. What's you're excuse then? And please let it be better than Liam's," Louis said shaking his head. "I, uh, I have mr. Dambly, he's strict and I don't want to get detention the first day," I said. I knew it was a lame excuse, so I walked of. The last thing I heard Louis whisper 'what ever'. I looked around and saw Liam. He walked around like he were looking for someone. After a while of following him, with nothing interesting happening, I was about to give up and go to my class, when he suddenly bumped into someone. And the way his face lighten up, I could tell this was the person he was looking for. I took a look of her. Se was pretty. No, she was beautiful. I overheard their conversation. She is having science with mr. Dambly, just like me! I felt myself brighten up, but then I came of thinking. Liam liked her. I could tell by the way he looked at her. Could I take her away from him? Maybe I couldn't. I was dragged out of my thoughts when I saw them walking my way. I hurried to the classroom so Liam wouldn't catch me spying at him. I sat down by a desk in the corner of the room. Just before the class started, the girl came in. Mr. Dambley told her to sit down at the chair next to me. I decided to let Liam get this girl. He needed it. After his brake up with Danielle this summer.  I had to get a way to get over this girl. I could get her to hate me! Then I would stop liking her for sure. It didn't really help my plan when the teacher told us we were going to be partners for the rest of the semester. "Hi, I'm Harry," I said braking the silence. "I'm Adriana," she answered with a voice just as beautiful as the rest of her. "So you're ne..." I got interrupted by my girlfriend. Yea, I have a girlfriend. Sofia. But she was just another girl. She meant nothing to me. "And where do you think yore sitting?" She asked Adriana. "I, uh, I..." I couldn't let my annoying girlfriend slay her totally the first day. "Mr. Dambly told her to sit there," I quickly said. So much for getting her to hate me. I looked up just to see Sofia storm to one of the empty seats in the other end of the room. Gees, girl. The rest of the class I were being as mean to Adriana as possible. It actually hurt to answer her so shortly, but luckily, she quickly gave in. I tried to ignore her the rest of the time, but I coughed myself steal some looks at her every now and then.


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