When Two Worlds Collide [1D fanfic]

Caitlyn and Hayley are just your average fangirls.They've been best friends forever. When Hayley wins tickets to a One Direction concert, a once in a lifetime trip happens. But what happens when the world of the famous and the world of the normal bump into each other in an elevator?


1. Chapter 1.

Caitlyn' POV:

The bright sunlight filled the room, ruining an amazing dream. "Caitlyn get up! Your going to be late!"  Hayley yelled. "For what?" I asked covering my face with my covers. "For work..." she growled. "Hayley your turning into my mum" I said sitting up. "I am not! Now get up and be productive with your life! Oh my gosh I do sound like your mother" Hayley gasped. We both laughed. "No, but seriously go to work, we need the money" Hayley said. I rolled out of bed and dragged my self to the bathroom. "I. Look. Terrible" I said looking at the mess, called my hair. When I finished and tamed my hair I walked out. Hayley handed me my uniform for work. I sighed and walked back into the bathroom. I changed into my uniform, which I hate with all my life. "Hey, Blondie can you get me a doughnut from the fridge?" I asked. "Can't you do it your self?" Hayley asked. "Fine..." I said walking to the kitchen. I grabbed my One Direction mug and poured some O.J and grabbed a doughnut. I looked a the clock. "Oh, crap no time to eat." I said dropping the doughnut on the counter and I placed the mug down and ran towards the door. "Peace, Blondie!" I said. "Bye, Caitlyn" she said waving at me. I ran out of apartment building as fast as I could. "Yo! Caitlyn" someone yelled. I turned around, great the most annoying person EVER! "What do you want, Daniel" I sighed. "Why in such a hurry? Babe why don't you stay with me for a while" Daniel said. "Ok, first of all... don't call me babe. Second, I got better things to do, and third, I rather be dead" I growled. I turned to my car and facepalmed my self. I forgot my car keys and my purse. Hayley came walking out with my purse and my car keys. "Forgot something" she said handing them to me. Daniel winked at her. She made a face and we giggled. "Ok, now I'm going" I said. I opened the car door and got in. "Bye!" I said. "I'll be home, looking at One Direction tickets" she said. "I'll keep you company" Daniel said. "Hell no! Caitlyn I going with you" she said. Hayley quickly got into the passenger seat . I drove off. Hayley hooked up her IPhone to the radio and put on music. She's Not Afraid played. I smiled and drove to Starbucks. "Wow, it's full....." Hayley said. "That means its going to be a long day... Darn it get out of the way!" I said waiting for people to move. I parked and got out of the car. Hayley also got out. Her hazel eyes scanned the area. "Ok, lets go" I said pushing through the crowd. Gosh the line, well more like a human lasagna, was terribly huge. "Why is there so many people?" Hayley asked. "How am I support to know?" I replied. People kept bumping into us. I grabbed Hayley's hand so I don't loose her in the crowd. I made it into the Starbucks, alive. "Cassie, why is there a human lasagna outside?" I asked. Cassie looked at me. "Uh, I'm not exactly sure. But I think those are fangirls." Cassie said. "From what fandom?" Hayley asked. She shrugged. "Am I late?" I asked. "Well, yeah... you kinda made it on your break time." Cassie replied. Hayley snickered to her self. I walked outside and just sighed. "Hey, what are all you people doing here?" I asked one of the girls. "Oh my gosh. So I was like on twitter. Like looking at stuff and like" she started. "Don't tell me your life story just cut to the chase" I said. "Ok, fine. Like One Direction is like coming like over here" she said. "what?"I said. "I sai-". "Shh I know" I said. I walked inside again and looked at Hayley. She looked at me. "Ok this is really awkward" Carrie said a bit creeped out. Hayley nodded knowing what the stare meant.    

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