Wondering Wizard

Have to read and find out :) Please Read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2. Chapter Two

  The next couple weeks nothing happened and everything seemed normal. Until there was an announcement at school over the intercom “Students for Sophomore class only will be having a exchange program for 3 months . Usually it would only be for a week but this is an unusual school its called Hogwarts school for Witchcraft and Wizardry, that is all.” “Wow what's that?” I thought. After the bell rang I went to my locker to meet up with my best friend Travis as we were walking home we talked all about this mysterious Hogwarts and if we could go. “I think I can go my mom will be happy to get me out of the house.” Travis said, “Travis its for 3 months your mom will miss you and you know it!” I said. Travis and I parted ways and I headed home to ask my mom if I could go. As I open the door I'm engulfed in a hug from my mom, "Mmfffm" I muffle "Mom.. I.. I.. Can't breath" I stuttered "oh sorry dear but I got a phone call from school, saying your going to England for 3 months!!" She said excitedly "England?" I asked "Ya the school it's in England." "Wow.. I .. I've always wanted to go!" I exclaimed, "Alyssa dear do you want to go?" "Of course! But may I go?" "Of course you can!!" She exclaimed.

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