Wondering Wizard

Have to read and find out :) Please Read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


3. Chapter Three

As I was packing for England I got a call from my friend Zoe "OMG Alyssa why didn't you tell me!" She screamed into the phone "Wow hold up tell you what exactly?" I asked "That you and Travis kissed I mean I know you kind of like him more than your best friend way and I know you don't want to ruin it but if you didn't want to ruin it then why did u kiss him?" She asked, "I don't know where you heard this but we didn't kiss and yes I do kind of like him like that but I will and always will  be just friends with him!" I said breathlessly. "Damn it I really hoped you would date him you guys would be so perfect," "I think all we can be is friends and that what I like I need a guy friend and no complications." "Oh ok I gotta go finish packing bye love ya!" "Love ya!" As I finished packing the door bell rang. I opened the door "Hey Travis what's wrong why did you knock I mean you usually just come in what happened?" "I heard about what people were saying," "Oh ya Zoe told me,why?" "Alyssa," he stammered, "Alyssa I like you," he stuttered "Umm I like you to?" I said weirily, "More than a friend," he said then he pulled me in and kissed me. A million thoughts scrambled through my brain why did he have to ruin our friendship? Why did I like this? Should I let this happen? He pulled away we were both breathing heavily "Do you feel the same way?" "I..think I do," he pulled me into another kiss and held me tightly I ran my fingers through his hair. Then I started laughing he started laughing to "Travis what does this mean?" "It means that we like each other but if you want I'm willing to leave the liking each other more at the kiss we don't have to do this," "Travis I think we need to just be friends we can't ruin this but I don't want this to be weird," "Ok this never happened then," he said with a hint of sadness. The next day we packed our stuff and loaded into the bus to head off to hogwarts.

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