Isn't She Lovely

Amy goes on Omegle To chat. Little did she know She would be. Talking to the Most Famous Boy Band One Direction. She Skypes with them now and then. Harry and Niall both Fall in with Her.. Who will she chose?


1. Moments

Hi my name is Amy. And This is my Story.. Hope you Enjoy xx *Friday Night* While driving Home today. One Direction songs come on on the radio.. Gosh How I love them! :) While Stopping at the stop light. Some Random guy next to me yells "Hey Cutie! You're Hot! I just roll my eyes.and yell back " Get a life and stop dreaming!" Seriously.. Sure I mean I was Slim, I had Long Brunette Hair to my waist. And I had Hazel-Brown eyes..But some guys need to seriously get a life. * While turning into my driveway* AAH :) Finally Home! I walk in and lay on the couch.."Hey Amy!" Says Morriah. *My best friend in the world I call her Mia for short.*we share an Apartment.. and we both work at Starbucks I mean how lucky can I get? "Heyy Mia!" "What's up girly? Said Morriah. Oh you know same as usual.. Just going on Omegle ( Stranger Chat) Ooh okay :) Do you think One Direction is on there?" Said Morriah. *Rolls eye* s I wish. I said. "WELL, I'm a take a nap. Said Morriah. Okay Sweet dreams! Gosh.. everyones boring on here.. All of a sudden someone. Comes On saying. "Hiii,xx I'm 19, from the uk, Male." Omg.. Could It be.. *Authors Note* Thanks for reading! The next chapter will show the conversation..* I will update tomorrow!

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