Isn't She Lovely

Amy goes on Omegle To chat. Little did she know She would be. Talking to the Most Famous Boy Band One Direction. She Skypes with them now and then. Harry and Niall both Fall in with Her.. Who will she chose?


2. Could it Be?

You: Hey :) 17/F/USA

Stranger: Hiiii xx 19/M/UK

You: How are you?

Stranger: I'm good, hanging out with thee lads..

You: Sounds Fun :)

Stranger: yeah, How bout you? :)

You: Just writing some songs..

Stranger: Oh Nice, Are you a songwriter?

You: Not Famous, haha Just pretty much my life songs..

Stranger: aaaah okay :)

You: yeah

Stranger: ;)

You: :)

Stranger: so What do you look like?

You: Thin, curvy a little, Long Brunette Hair, Hazel-Brown eyes,

Stranger: Pretty ;)

You: I wish I was...

Stranger: You are, Every girl is Beautiful!

You: sooooo, How bout you? What do you look like?

Stranger: old, and Fat, and Smelly, and Hairy.

You: for real..

Stranger: haha Okay, we'll I have green eyes and Brown Curly Hair. :)

You: Hotty

Stranger: Sexy and I know it ;)

You: Hahaha :)

Stranger: so what's your name? Unless you want to be known as "Stranger" ;)

You: we'll then... I'm Amy

stranger: Honored to meet you!

You: haha :) What about you Mysterious guy?

Stranger: How bout you guess my name? ;)

Turn on your video chat!

You: Ummm... Okay

Stranger: Can you see me? :)

You: I can only see your shirt, your face is not in the camera..

Stranger: okay in 5 we show each other our faces.

You: .......Mmmm okay

Stranger: 5

You: 4



Stranger: 1

Authors pov**

Thanks for reading! :) Comment/Like for more! Who do you think it could be!? ;)

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