Sydney is abused by her dad after her mother died. When she runs away she meets someone she never thought she would


1. Running

Sydney's pov

I only have limited time before my father gets home from his job.

Oh yea my names Sydney Cadler, and im 16.When i was only 8 years old my mom died. 

My "father" was sad and mad and blamed it all on me.

Everyday after work he comes and beats me untill im nothing but a bloody mess. After awhile i belived every word he said.

Now enough about me.

I double check my bag to make sure i have enough money to get me a hotel great 400 dollars that should be enough.

i hear my fathers car pull up.

i pull up the window and climb down the fire escape

"SYDNEY WERE ARE YOU GET DOWN HERE"  i hear my father yell and a cold chill runs down my spine

i jump the rest of the way down and i fell right on the tar.

i look up and see my father climbing down.

fear goes through me and i start to run but a pain in my ankle stops me

but right now it doesnt matter so i run and run

i look behind me and see he i gone.

owwwww i forgot all about my ankle i look down and see its all black and blue 


i need to find a hotel i go to grab my money but none of it is in the bag.

"Damn it" i yell in frustration 

"Hey you alright there" a voice yells behind me.

i turn around and see the most horrible band known to man

Harry Styles

i bet your wondering why i hate him soo much well he for one is a player and thinks he is Amazayn just because he is famos

"Hey i asked you a question" 

"oh im fine just peachy" i rolled my eyes

"Hey i was just trying to be nice and really are you alright you look tired do u have a place to stay" he asks

"Uhhhhh well no" i look away trying to hide my embaressment

"Do you want to stay with me and the boys???"

"NO i dont want to be a bother"

"its fine" he replies quickly 

wow egar but now that i notice he is very nice looking with his messy curls and peircing eyes 

"Well come on" he says and leads me to his black Range Rover.

Yea im living with 5 boys funnn.....note the sarcasm.

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