Your Guardian Angel

A story of a guardian angel, who guides the dead to hell or heaven. Everyday it's the same people, but one day the guardian angel gets a shocked.


3. Your Guardian Angel

I stand up, tears brimming in my eyes. Anger and rage flooding through me. Akina holds my hand, like she is very scared.

"I am not sending her to hell!" I shout angrily.

"But God says" Damien begins.

"Who cares what God says, no one has ever seen god. What if God made a mistake?" I question with hope.

"But God does not make mistakes" Damien laughs, like I was joking.

"Well what if he did" I shout back.

I conjure up a knife, and slash it into my wrist. I fight back tears, trying not to cry in pain and agony. I watch my crimson blood flow from my wrist, gently splashing on to the ground. Everyone looks at me. They look scared. They had never seen a guardian angel cut them self. They had never watched blood flow. God had forbidden blood to be shed.

"God, I call you now. Your beloved daughter Anna calls you to. Come now for me your beloved child" I exclaim.

I wait, and nothing happens. Fury and anger floods through me.

"I called you, come here now, before evil floods to your world. If you don't come, I will scream and shout, and bring evil. God if you really cared. You would come. Come now. It's an order" I scream loudly, my voice echoing around the room.

Suddenly from the mist, a guy appears. He appears to be about thirty years old, with brown hair. He has gentle green eyes that lock eyes on me. I stare at his eyes, from his eyes you can see different plants, and the ocean waves flooding. I break away his eye contact. A ray of light floods around him.

"You called me daughter" the man exclaims, in a loud voice.

"Your not old" I gasp, then remember what I just said.

I had always assumed God to be an old man, with a beard, and all wise. This man in front of me, could have passed for an ordinary human.

"Well I am not that old, but my looks deceive my age" God exclaims.

"I mean it's not that you’re old or something, or what" I mutter embarrassed.

"My age is not what I think you have called me for" God asks.

"Yes. You set fate for this girl to hell" I shout, gesturing to Akina.

Akina looks wide eyed, everyone attention on her. A big group of people circles around us, wanting to find out what is going on, and why is God here, there eyes on us.

"No!, Akina Blueberry right, she is suppose to be sent to heaven" God answers.

"Well look, it says to hell" I point out, gesturing to the words hell on Akina document.

"Could there have been a mistake" God suggests.

Everyone gasps; they had always assumed God to be perfect. God was supposed to never make a mistake, and here he was suggesting that he had made a mistake.

"So she is going to heaven" I exclaim.

"Yes of course, sorry for any problem I caused" God exclaims, and with a click of his finger, the word "Hell" changed to "Heaven".

"It's ok" I answer.

God clicks his fingers, and then disappears. I smile, and hold Akina tightly to my chest. I kneel to her weight, and kiss her forehead. I wipe the tears that trickle down her face. She smiles at me, and hugs me tightly, sobbing quietly.

"I love you mummy" Akina whispers, hugging me.

"I love you too, my angel" I whisper.

"What are you mummy?" Akina asked.

"Your Guardian Angel" I exclaim loudly.


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