Your Guardian Angel

A story of a guardian angel, who guides the dead to hell or heaven. Everyday it's the same people, but one day the guardian angel gets a shocked.


2. Saving Your Soul


My heart pounds rapidly, as my beautiful daughter runs to me. She holds me tightly, her fingers crunching my white slimmed trousers tightly, feeling afraid, tears trickling down her cheek. Tears splash down my face on to her hair. She looks at me. She has grown up now. It has been two years, two years since I died and ended up here. She must have been nine now. I never wanted to see her here, not this early. I wanted her to live forever, or very long at least. I wanted to see her, when she was all grown up, a young woman herself, with a loving family, and children of her own. It was too early for her to die, not now. When I would be less shocked to see her then, seeing her now gives me memories. She is taller than she was before, a little taller. Her warm brown eyes twinkle at me, tears trickling from her eyes. Her long black hair longer now, curling gently to her waist. She looks so beautiful. She looks so innocent. I try not to break down in tears, and curl up in a ball. I had to be strong, for us. I was her guardian angel. I had a job of guarding her to her home, to hell or heaven. To where the soul belongs. I had to go back and guard all those left behind. The loved ones of the departed. Sometimes it hurt me, my job. Watching the loved ones cry, remind me that my loved ones did the same. Guarding the souls to heaven or hell reminded me, that I used to be like them.

"You know her" the messenger exclaims, looking at me then at Akina.

The messenger name is Damien, he is in his late twenties, and will always be the same age as now.  He has straight black hair in a pony tail, and green intense eyes that should be a weird combination. But on him looks beautiful. He caught me staring at him, then blushes bright pink.

"Damien, this is my daughter Akina" I introduce, gesturing at Akina.

Damien looks at me, then at Akina, realizing why we looked similar. Damien looks at me and Akina curiously. He looks at me, his gentle green eyes showing that he understood my pain. Damien had told me his story before, the story of how he came here, and died. It always moved me, made me cry for him.

Damien had been twenty seven when he died, two years younger than me. On earth, Damien has been married two years ago to a very beautiful woman called Alisa. He has told me she was the most beautiful woman ever, with copper brown short hair, and blue eyes He had told me he had met her at his sister's wedding, and then fell immediately in to love with her. The way she talked, the way she sang in her angel like musical voice, the way she acted kindly with children. He was her dream girl. He had proposed to her, and she had accepted, that had been nearly the best thing that happened to him, slowly followed by his wedding, and finding out that she was pregnant. Damien has told me she has been four months pregnant when he died. He had been speeding home in his car, wanting to see his woman. Alisa had taken a down fall and started vomiting. He had phoned her, without paying attention to the traffic. The next thing he knows, he was laying there, and crimson blood surrounded him. That was when Damien had known he had died. Damien had become God's messenger he took souls from earth to me. Then I would take souls to heaven or hell. Normally I would be a soul, but thankfully to god. I had been appointed as a guardian angel.

"Mommy, where am I, one minute I was crossing the road, the next I remember pain" Akina mutters, looking worried staring at the sky, then back at me.

"Mommy is your lovely guardian angel" Damien explains, knowing that I would not want to say it.

Damien had always been there for me. He had become my best friend. He always knew when I was upset, and helped me.

"What do you mean mommy?" Akina asks, looking at me with interest.

"Please tell her Damien. I don't want to say it" I whisper, my throat tightens.

"Akina I know it is very hard for you to remember this but you died. You were in a car accident, and you died" Damien explains kindly as possible, his voice intoxicating.

"No! I am not dead. I am not dead. Mommy tell that guy I am not dead, tell him mommy" Akina cries loudly, other messenger and souls stare at Akina with interest, then keep doing there regular business.

I stand there as a statue, not wanting to say anything. I fidgeted nervously with my fingers, my throat thickens tightly. My heart pounds rapidly, tears brim in my eye. Please God don't make me say this. Anything but this. Take me to hell, kill me anything but this. You can't make a mother tell her own daughter she is dead. Please God save some pity for this soul. I guess God did not want to answer, because Akina still stood there, expecting a answer, her face red with anger, with tears trickling down her  cheek. Damien looked at me with a worried look, and then held my hand. I looked at Damien; he smiled at me with reassurance, like he was there for me. That it was okay.

"Akina sweetie, please do not bother your mother, please. I will give you a sweet" Damien interrupts, trying to take Akina mind to something else.

Akina ignores Damien, like he does not exist. Then stares at me angrily. She digs her nails in to my arm, her anger shocking me, sending me shivers down my back.

"Mommy, tell me. Mommy, please tell me" Akina cries, holding tightly on to my white slimmed trousers, tears trickling down her face.

Anger vibrates from me. I did not want to be in this position. God what did I do wrong? I always believed in you, and had a good life. I did no harm to anyone, and trusted you. Why do you give me a position like this? When I am supposed to take my own daughter to hell. I could not do it. Why god? Why?

"What do you want me to say, that you are not dead. Well you are. You’re dead, dead" I shout angrily, clenching my wrist tightly.

"No mommy" Akina wails, clenching her wrists, she buries herself on to my shirt, her tears leaving stains.

"Akina mommy has to guard you to wherever your soul has to go next, she will guide you" Damien explains kindly.

"I want to save her soul" I whisper sadly.

"What?" Damien exclaims in shock, not realizing what I had just said.

"I don't want to let her go" I cry, upset.

I collapse on the floor, burying myself in to her shoulder. Tears splashing down my cheek on to her shoulder. I want to stop the tears, but I can't. I don't want to let her go. I just found my daughter. I just found her after two years of being alone. I always wanted to see her. I wanted to hold her tightly in m arms, and never let her go. I did not want anything bad happened to her. She meant everything to me. I would not let anyone hurt her. My beautiful baby girl. I just want to save her soul. I do not want to send her to hell. What mother sends her daughter to hell? For life. I could not do it. No matter what. I held Akina tightly, not even worried if I was hurting her, or if I would kill her. Then I realized that she could not die, that I could not kill her. My curtain of black hair enfolded Akina brown hair. I cried angrily and loudly, all the pain from dying finally realizing. Akina held me tightly, she wiped my tears. Then rubbed my back, not wanting me to cry. All she wanted was to stop her mother to stop crying. But I could not stop. I had to let it go. All my feelings and pain flooded through me, sending me shrieking in pain. I did not care how I looked, or how God would react. All I cared was to protect my daughter for hell. I would not send her to hell. No way. I would rather die, and take her place then to send a young child to hell. When I normally sent people to hell, they were either bad or deserved it, they were bad. My daughter was good; she had a heart of gold. She could not be sent to hell. It must have been a mistake. But I knew really, that God did not make mistakes.

"What do you mean, you don't want to let go?" Damien asks curiously.

"She- is" I began, bursting in to tears, shaking my head.

"Where do you have to guide her?" Damien asks looking at me, then at Akina with interest.

"Hell" I cry angrily, my voice echoing around the room, the words loud and clear, then shiver in the freezing cold.

The world stands still around me. I hold Akina hand tightly, she trembles in fear. I stare at Damien angrily, tears trickling down my face. My eye full of anger and hate. I scream loudly, my voice shrieking in pain and agony.



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