Big Brothers

My Names Misty I have four bestfriends who I honestly think are my long lost sisters their names are Angel Scarlet Rainy and MariaBella we are all a month apart we were all typical teenagers in till our brothers all got put into a band called One Direction now the whole world knows us as their little sisters We saw them every time they had a break but one day it all just stopped we all supported each other but little did we all know that we all fell in love with each others brothers


4. together

Scarlet P.O.V We got jumped one of them was actually being careful with us the others werent there was bout 6 of them they tied us up but before we could yell for the boys the gagged us and pushed us into the pool we coundt get up our hands and feet were tied I hoenstly thought we were gone till the boys pulled us out the untied us wrapped us on towels and carried us we honestly didnt care which boy had us we were freezing and scared "Guys what happened" Liam said we all looked up and our brothers had us in their hands (like Lou had Mariabella) "we dont know douches tied us up and gagged us before we could scream and pushed us in the pool" Mist said "The weird thing is one of them was being really careful with us like he knew us" Maria said "You guys are alright no bruises or cuts lets go get you guys changed" They let us up and we changed into sweat shirts and a pair of Pajamas "Hey can we ask you guys something" Zayn asked I looked at him with a weird look on my face we nodded Harry took Rainy, Zayn took Mariabella, Niall took Misty, Liam took angel, and Louis took me we all went into separate rooms. 

No ones P.O.V After the boys took the girls into separate rooms they asked them what they have always wanted to ask every since they left the boys knwo it killed the girls that they were gone for so long and the girls missed their brothers and their crushed and the boys the same they were all very close they asked the girls the unthinkable something they never thought they'd ask "Will you go out with me" the girls were in complete shock all they could was nod and hug the boys to death the boys had gotten their dream girls they all walked into the living room everyone noticed they all had giant smiles on their faces so they assumed they all said yes "Guys its midnight we need to go to sleep well the girls and I do we have to get up at 6" Maria yawned "6!?!?!?!?!" The girls screamed"Yeah Brit texted us all saying we had to go because some boy bands is going to be there" She said "Alright you boys can stay down here or do what ever but we need to go to sleep" Misty said they hugged each of their brothers friends and planted a kiss and a hug on their newly boyfriends and went to their bedrooms and crawled into their beds they all had their names painted on the white doors in their favorite colors in capital letters starting from the top going down the boys were tired to and decided to tell the girls good night before they went to bed they stripped down to their boxers and the boys found their way into their rooms 

Niall's P.O.V I found my way to Mistys room I opened and closed the door quietly and walked over to her bed "Misty" I whispered she gasped and I could see her jump "Its just me love I'm sorry I didnt mean to scare you" I laughed a bit "Its fine Ni whats up?" she sat up and turned on her side table lamp "I just came to say good night  before I went to sleep" I sat on her bed she smiled "awe goodnight" I kissed her and hugged her goodnight  I got up and started to walk towards the door "Ni?" "Yeah babe?" I asked turning around "Stay with me pwease?" She used her puppy dog eyes "Your diffiently related to Liam and of course I will" I crawled into the bed next to her and she turned off the lamps I wrapped an arm around her waist I sang little things in her ear as she and I fell asleep

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