Big Brothers

My Names Misty I have four bestfriends who I honestly think are my long lost sisters their names are Angel Scarlet Rainy and MariaBella we are all a month apart we were all typical teenagers in till our brothers all got put into a band called One Direction now the whole world knows us as their little sisters We saw them every time they had a break but one day it all just stopped we all supported each other but little did we all know that we all fell in love with each others brothers


3. The Wanted

Niall's P.O,V Who could be at the girls house at this time we walked down the stairs and saw The wanted standing at the front door Misty let them in and shit the door I sent her a wink and she blushed "UM MIST AARON IS CALLING YOU" Maria yelled her eyes widened and she ran up the stairs "Hey lads you guys okay?" "Yeah mate and those your girls??" Tom asked "Our sisters we all like one of them I think" Liam said "OW MY HAIR" Maria yelled they all came down stairs and Scarlet was attached to her hair "How the HELL did you guys do that" Harry asked "Um fighting we do it a lot" They smiled "Arent you in The Wanted??" Angel asked coming down the stairs "YEP!" Nathan smiled "Come meet them after you get that handled" Louis said waving his hands Angle smiled and pushed them into the kitchen "How did they do that??" Jay asked "Man I dont even know" Liam said "MISTY RAINY CAN YOU GUYS COME DOWN HERE???" Harry yelled "DO WE HAVE TO??" They yelled "YES! THE GIRLS GOT THERE HAIR STUCK TOGETHER!!" "AGAIN!?!" They walked down the stairs "THis has happened before???" Sivas eyes widened "Pretty much every week" Maria screamed "JESUS MARIA NO SCREAMING" Louis scowled "HOW ABOUT I COME PULL YOUR HAIR AND THEN YOU TELL ME HOW IT FEELS" She sassed "IM GOOD" He yelled we laughed "Come in the living room guys we all walked into the living room and fifteen minutes later the girls came in "You girls all good" I asked laughing "My head hurts but yes" "Good now this is Nathan Jay Max Tom and Siva" They smiled "Hi" the girls said "lads this is MariaBella Scarlet Rainy Misty and Angel" Zayn said  "Okay I think I can guess whos related to who" Max said "Okay go for it"  Angel said "Well Angel your related to Harry because you have the same colored eyes, Mariabella your related to.... Louis your both wearing TOMS and and you have the same  amount of sass, Rainy your related to... Niall because of your blue eyes and your Irish,  Scarlet your related to Zayn you have similar bone Structure and your fixing your hair is fixing perfectly like his and Misty your related to Liam because you have the Puppy dog and Chocolate brown eyes" He guess correctly the girls walked into the kitchen and got ice cream for us all "Impressive seriously" Misty said as she handed Max siva and Jay bowls of ice cream and sat in between Harry and I and gave us a bowl and one for her self as well, it was Me Harry Mist and Rainy we were all smashed together on this one couch bu we  like these girls so it wasnt a problem I secretly snaked my arm around Mistys waist "So we thought we could all go out and see a movie tomorrow would you guys wanna come the girls can come too" Siva offered "You boys can go we have to compete and we have shows to preform" "For what??" Louis said with his mouth full "We have Gymnastics and a musical but we cant say anything about the musical because Louis will flip out because its one of his favorites" Maria hinted louis had ice cream in his mouth and his lips for scrunched together and he turned his head slowly towards Maria she dug herself into Zayns side

Zayn's P.O.V "LOUIS IS STARING AT ME AND ITS SCARING ME" She yelled digging her head into My side I smirked and put and arm around her "TELL ME THE NAME!!" Lou jumped up and down setting his ice cream down "We are putting on grease" She said huddling to me as close as possible and to tell you the truth I didnt give a damn I love her The wanted boys gave me a you-want-her-as-your-girl look I smirked and Lou just smiled "See love nothing to be afraid of Lou didnt freak" "Whos playing what" "Well Misty is playing Sandy and Conner is playing Danny which im sure shes fine with" Rainy laughed "WHAT WHEN DID THIS GET TOLD" "Today" the girls said in unison "IM NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES KISSING CONNER" She yelled "Call Fabian then" Louis said "Ill do that tomorrow" she relazed "Whats the proablem with what ever his name is" "Hes a perv his last girlfriend he raped AND hes tried to get me to go out with him for 2 years now" She said "Describe perv" Harry said "Haz what the fuck do you think it means" Scarlet said "I know what he means he will try anything and everything just to get you in bed" Rainy said "We would love to stay and chat but Management wants us back home" Tom said "Alright bye lads" Harry said they all said bye "It was nice meeting you girl" Nathan smiled 'You too" We said in unison The girls got the icecream bowls and put them in the kitchen we took the chance "Do we like each other sisters??" Liam asked we all nodded "How long" "First day we met" We said in unison "How could we all be oblivious like that" I asked "Who knows" Niall laughed "Do we all give permission to date each others sisters and NOT let it come between us I mean we are best mates we can trust each other" Louis said "Yes" We said in unison we heard a splash and saw the girls in the water struggling to get back up and we saw people in black jackets take off running we didnt hesitate we all jumped in the water and grabbed them out and untied them "Guys what happened" they started coughing like crazy we just picked them up wrapped them in towels and carried them inside

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