Big Brothers

My Names Misty I have four bestfriends who I honestly think are my long lost sisters their names are Angel Scarlet Rainy and MariaBella we are all a month apart we were all typical teenagers in till our brothers all got put into a band called One Direction now the whole world knows us as their little sisters We saw them every time they had a break but one day it all just stopped we all supported each other but little did we all know that we all fell in love with each others brothers


11. Tattoos

Scarlet's P.O.V "Like they will let us we are 17" I whispered we wanted tattoos but we are 17 "Come on YOLO!" She whisper-shouted we nodded "BOYS!!!" We yelled and ran into the living room "Wheres the fire" Harry asked "Misty you have for confidence then we do you talk" We pushed her forward "Wow thanks for singling me out" She said "WELL we need them to sign the paper" Maria said "WELL your brother is oldest!" She fought back "Cut to the chase what paper" Louis said we all handed each of them a paper "A waver for tattoos?!" Liam asked "Your 17" Niall said "TOLD YOU I TOLD YOU!" I jumped up "Come on you all have tattoos except for Ni but pweaseeee?!?! I mean come on we are all about to be 18 we are all a month a part" Misty said "Its can be a birthday present???" Angle said Harry wrote his name on the paper and handed it to her "It for there birthday I mean I got a tattoo when I was 18" He said the rest of them signed them as well "YAY!" We screamed and hugged them "We have to come with you though" Zayn said "We are goint now because well erm thats how we got this so leggo" We pulled them out the door and got in an Van Simon left us somehow Harry ended up in the drive seat and we were off we go to the tattoo polar in less then 5 minutes since it was right down the street and we walked in "How may I help you" A guy about 5'8 with black hair asked "we'd like to get some tattoos" Niall said "all of you?" He asked "No just the girls today" Zayn smiled We handed them the wavers "How old are you girls?" He asked "We are all 17" Misty replied "Alright right back here" He took us into the back "Hey we got some girls here that want some tattoos" He smiled "Alright thanks Im Sunny this is Ari Raven Chloe and Rain so do you have a certain design you want" She asked "Im Misty, this is Scarlet, Mariabella, Angle, and this happens to be Rainy too and yes" We handed them pieces of paper and they passed them to each other "Okay I have Maria" Rain said "I have Angle"Sunny smiled " I Have Scarlet" Ari said  "I have Rainy"Chloe stated "And I have Misty" Raven smiled We all went and sat down with the boys behind us "Where do you wan them at" Sunny asked  "I want mine going down my arm right here" Rainy traced it down her arm "I want mine across my left shoulder going tot he right" Misty said "I want mine going around my hand" I said "I want mine going down my arm as well" Maria said "I want mine going across my left shoulder going to the right as well" Angle said 

Louis' P.O.V "are these your boyfriends?" Raven asked "Haha they are our brothers but we are dating each others brothers" Maria laughed "Isnt that complicated" Ari asked "Sometimes yes but not most of the time because we are best friends with each other and actually trust each other" Zayn said holding my hand "Wait are you guys One Direction" Chloe asked "Yep" Liam said "She would only be able to know that" Rain laughed "WELL its not my fault my 13 year old daughter loves them" She defended "We can sign somethings for her if you would like"Niall said in a cheery voice "Would you mind her and I would really appreciate it" She smiled "Yeah thats fine but is it okay if we sit here with them till your done" Louis asked "Yeah thats completely fine we an tell this is their first tattoo" She replied "Thats exactly why I have Zayn recording and Im doing a twitcam of it " Harry said "Typical" Angle said "Say Hi to the fans girls" He said "Hi!" We said "The girls are getting there very FIRST tattoos and thank you to Raven Chloe Sunny, Rain and Ari for doing their tattoos" Maria was wincing and the other  were to "For your first time you girls are doing very well" Raven said "Thank you but guys how in the blood hell did you do this so many times" Maria asked "Because we are guys and it hurts less" I said "Uh huh sure" Maria said "alright your outlines are all done now we will color it" they said at the same time "Does that hurt less?" Rainy asked "Dont be a wuss" Niall said she kicked him in the leg "Hows that for being a wuss?" She asked we laughed "Ni you just got owned by your sister" Harry laughed "Shut up" Niall said "It will hurt just a bit" they started coloring it it hurt worse "MUM WHERES LUCY SHE WASNT AT SCHOOL?!?!" A boy yelled coming into the back "Your best friend what his name came by picking her up saying you wanted him to" Chloe said "DAMN IT" he ran back out "Sounds like your girl is in trouble" they said finishing "She better not be and you girls are all done" Chloe smiled they got up "show the fans your tattoos" Zayn said they showed the camera their tattoos "So what do the letters mean" Niall asked "They are the letters of all of our names except ours" They looked at us confused "For me I have You Liam Niall Louis and Zayn Rainy Misty Scarlet and Maria just not my name" Angle said "Ohhh" we said in unison I saw Niall wink and Misty blushed I smiled Niall found his princess "Well guys we gotta go but we have big news to tell you soon in about 4 days" Niall said "BYE!" We said in unison as we walked out to pay we were going to pay but the girls were protesting and the boys' and I ended up winning 

Mistys P.O.V "You girls did good" Harry said "Next person getting a tattoo is Niall end of discussion" Rainy said "Maybe" Niall said kissing my temple "How in da hell have you guys done this my shoulder hurts like hell" Angle said "You will survive I promise" Liam kissed her shoulder we pulled into the driveway we jumped out and walked inside "Hey you think we should show em??" Maria asked "You guys can I gotta run upstairs and look upstairs for something" Angle said we looked at her confused and she ran upstairs "Shes probably looking for her phone" she looked upset we grabbed the book and we talked laughed and discussed tour and Angle hasnt been out of her room in forever "I'm going to go check on Ang ill be down in a few" I ran up the stairs and knocked on the door "Angle" I opened the door she was crying in the bathroomthe door was shut thats when the worst things started going through my mind I tried turning the door nob it didnt move "Angle is me Hun please open the door" I said everything went silent *Click* she opened the door I walked in a closed it "Ang whats wrong" She looked at me "H-Harry is w-whats wrong" She stuttered "Hun what do you mean what did he do?" I asked She handed me a piece of paper 

"Angle you really think Harry or any of them care management probably told them to find you or contact you and be nice and build back up that bond just to get your talent I mean come on two years and no contact and then all of a sudden they are back the only people that cared about you were me and the girls you know even if you are dating Liam doesnt mean he cares management probably told them to do that to face the facts and if you dont believe me read the messages I printed out from Harry's phone between management and him" then read the second letter" -J 

"Angle this isnt true" I told her "R-read the printed stuff" She sniffled 

                                  *TEXT CONVO H=Harry M=Management *

M: Harry we need to talk 

H: Yes sir?

M: We have seen the videos the boys' and your sisters get in contact with them so we can have your opening act and you have to date them for publicity you date Rainy, Zayn dates Maria, Niall dates misty, Liam dates Angle, and Louis dates scarlet 

H:WHY?! I mean come on they never called we dont give a damn even Liam doesn't we dont want to date them" 

"I cant read anymore" I was crying now "They dont even care why are we so stupid" she cried "Girls open the door" The boys were banging on the door "go away" I cried holding Angle the walked in "Hey hey whats wrong" Liam came to me and Harry went to Angle The girls were behind him we handed the girls the papers "I knew it was took good to be true" Maria said she through the papers at them and we ran we were all crying we stopped at a lake "I knew this was all a fake I knew it was to good to be true" Rainy cried "We all did we let our feelings get the best of us" I nodded "We got played by our own brothers and are so called bestfriends" Scarlet said  "These arent real" Niall said "They look pretty damn real to me" I shouted

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