Big Brothers

My Names Misty I have four bestfriends who I honestly think are my long lost sisters their names are Angel Scarlet Rainy and MariaBella we are all a month apart we were all typical teenagers in till our brothers all got put into a band called One Direction now the whole world knows us as their little sisters We saw them every time they had a break but one day it all just stopped we all supported each other but little did we all know that we all fell in love with each others brothers


6. Interview

Angle's P.O.V We just agreed to an interview this is gonna be fun "So girls can you preform so well without any practice I mean your dance skills are amazing along with your voices" She asked "When we were younger we listened to Music alot and around the age of 8 or so we took in singing and what not" Maria said "This is one of those question fans are dying to know How did you guys meet?" "Well we all have older brothers when our brothers became friends and met them we met each other so I guess we owe meeting each other too our brothers" I smiled "During this year last year and the year before you guys worked harder and were in the studios here and other dance studios DAILY what caused that it looked like you were putting of anger stress and a bunch of sadness" She asked "Well we & our brothers for 2 years and recently we just like runited with themso all of the emotions we had we stuff into music and dancing" He said "Are your brothers here today" My phone vibrated under my leg so I slid it out and it was from Harry it said "Look straight ahead first row directly in the middle" I looked up and they were sitting right there with the wanted boys I smiled "Yes they are" Are the in some kinda of music or sports???" She asked "Um not that we know of at this point" Rainy said "Heres one asked by a fan over Via twitter who is bad boy of the group just girl version" He asked We laughed "We are all kinda daring but when it comes down straight to it, Its probably Misty" Scarlet said nudging her arm "I have no objection on that" She laughed "Who likes to try new food???" "Angel" They said in unison the host handed us a bucket and we opened it "What is this?!? misty asked"This is Chicken feet" "Is this Actually edible??" Scar asked "Yes go ahead and try it" I picked one up "NO NO NO!" Misty got up and walked away from the couch we were sitting on the crowd laughed "Mariabella try it" I said sticking it in her face" NO!" She screeched and walked over to Misty she grabbed a mic "Misty and I will eat Calamari" Maria said Misty took the mic for those of you who Dont know Calamari is fried octopus" Misty said I took a small bit "OH MY GOD SHE ATE IT!!" Rainy screamed I closed the bin "I brushing my teeth after this" I said Misty and Maria sat back on the couch "Last question every one is dying to know whos taken?" We looked at the boys and they nodded we all raised our hands "Sorry everyone seems taken" The interviewer said "But we still loved our fans" We said smiling "Thats all we have time for thank you" We nodded "WE WILL TAKE A SHORT BREAK FAMILY AND FRIENDS ARE WELCOMED IN ONLY DRESSING ROOMS TO VISIT AND WHEN WE COME BACK OUR GYMNASTS WILL HAVE THERE ADVANCING COMPETITION" We ran back stage into our dressing rooms and texted the boys "If yours coming back to see us our dressing room is the first one on the right" I got an instant reply from Liam "On are way babe <3" I smiled as there was a knock on the door I ran to the sink and stared brushing my teeth again 

Rainy's P.O.V The boys saw us preform so much for hiding it "ANGLE YOU OKAY!!!??" I yelled she was quite "UH HUH!" She mumbled "BRUSHING YOUR TEETH" "UH HUH!" She repeated again 5 seconds later she walked out "SO grease huh???" Louis said "Okay were sorry for lying but we did put on grease just last month" I said "GYMNASTS GET READY!!!" "Thats our cue go sit down or leave so we can change "Good luck" they said in unison filing out of the room we changed into our leotards we hate that name so we call them leos and made our way to the stage "Ladies and gentlemen these are our Gymnasts" "Jennie Hancock, Rainy  Horan Angel Styles, , Scarlet Malik, MariaBella Tomlinson, and Misty Payne!!!" We all walked out as he said our names and stood in a line the crowd clapped as we all walked back stage "all of these girls are level 8's and First up is Jennie Hancock on Beam she has won 6 medals in gold 2 in silver and 0 in bronze" She walked out and did her routine but she fell Misty and I rushed out and helped her "Jennie you okay" "No I cant stand on my right ankle" We pulled her up and put her arms our neck and we helped her backstage "Hun what happened" Her mum asked "Mum I dont know I can stand on my right ankle" She said Her older brother picked her up and carried her "Next up Angle Styles starting with floor  she has won  8 gold 0 silver and 0 bronze so she got a  gold medal every time she would compete on floor" The announcer said we all stood on the sidelines she did her dance moves while doing her routine that involved a lout of twists spins back flips front flips front handsprings (look up level 8 floor routines and you can get an Idea on what she did ~Taylor xx) and she did a spotless routine "Next is Scarlet Malik on Bars she has won 8 gold 0 silver and 0 bronze she has gotten a gold for ever time she has compete as well" she did her spotless routine and walked back "Next up is Ariana Flynn on vault she has 6 gold 2 sliver and 0 bronze" Ari had to get ready I went to check on Jennie I knocked on her door and her brother opened it he was attractive I literally drooled over him in middle school "Hey Rainy" he smiled "Ayyyyeeee Tyler can I see Jennie before I go on" I asked "Yeah its just me and her my mum went to get her ice cream" He let in "Thanks" I said he nodded "Hey Jennie you feel okay?" "Yeah a broken ankle is all" I smiled "Alright thats good" I said "Now Mariabella Tomlinson on beam she has 3 silver medals and 5 gold medals and 0 bronze" "Have you gone yet???" Tyler asked "Nope i think I go before Misty" "Next Rainy Horan on floor she has 8 gold medals 0 silver and 0 bronze" "SHIT I didnt realize that was now ill be back" I told her "We'll come watch" I smiled and took of running "Last call for Rainy Horan" I caught my breath and walked out to the beam and started my routine I almost screwed up when I saw Mac there but I finished perfectly "Last but not least Misty Payne on bars she has 7 gold medals 1 silver and 0 gold" She started but she screwed up and fell 

Liam's P.O.V I saw Misty fall from the high bar and my heart stopped she wasnt moving everyone stood up and and gasped I for one couldnt move I was already standing up I saw the girls run out with two boys I was in tears "Will Mistys parents and siblings or anyone who is here for her make there way backstage" We all went back stage Siva Jay Max Nathan and Tom had to leave we made it back there "They are with us" Angle said she had tears going down her face she was in her normal clothes Harry hugged her and she took us to Mistys room Shes laying there her eyes are open and shes back in her noral clothes but shes not moving all of the girls were crying "Can you see now?" a boy asked "No" She said "Well theres tears coming out of your eyes thats a good thing" "Whats wrong with her?" I asked "She has visual disturbance meaning she has a concussion so as long as she stays awake her eye sight should come back" "Its back again" She said "Hey Misty" My mum said sitting next to her "Hey Li" "We are going to get ice cream dont move" Her and the boys moms left as She hugged her "How bad does your head hurt" another boy asked "on a scale from 0-10?" he nodded"10" she said "How did you fall??" Rainy asked "There was water on the higher bar Im telling you" There was a Knock on the door I got it and It was the last person anyone wanted to see in this room "Leave" I spat "Li-Li whos at the door??" Misty asked "No one hes leaving" It was that dude Mac from the coffee shop "Leave now" I said "I saw her fall Is she okay?" "Why should you care" I said "Liam whos at the door" Niall asked "No one just someone no one in this room likes" I said "Li-Li who is it?" Misty whined "Take a look yourself" I said wanting to scream and punch this guy in the face I pushed the door open "Now I wish my eye sight would go away now because hes Medusa just boy version" She spat "Im getting the vibe hes a douche" one of the boys said "He hates me and Li-Li rememeber that BIG bruise I had on my face yeah he caused it" She said "So your the reason my little sister got that bruise  I turned around "Hey I said sorry" I pushed him against the wall and pinned him there "LIAM hes not worth it man" the boys convinced him "Lay a hand on her again I swear to god your ass gets beaten" I spat "Well your sisters aregoing to pay a price" He got close to the girls Harry was closet to him and he pulled her away from the girls "Man I suggest you stay away from our sisters" Mac took a step back "Alright alright" "Wait Mac if your here YOU DID THIS!" She jumped up "Hey dont jump to conclusions" He smirked "YOU SON OF A BITCH!" Misty started punching him and that lead to fighting I was bout to jump in and kick his ass my self pulled a knife on her She raised her arms to her chest that wall she has put up came down and you could tell she was scared "Boys go find a security guard  NOW we will be fine" Maria said "NO!" We yelled "Maria we arent leaving" Louis said "Just listen please" she moved her eyes towards Misty and we nodded and left and shut the door

Angles P.O.V "Mac its five against one think" He said Misty was crying silently "But I have a knife" He said He tried stabbing Misty and missed we took the chance and slammed him to the wall Misty fell to the floor crying the girls grabbed him while I grabbed the knife and held him some how he got my arm and sliced it open a bit "OW YOU PRICK!!" I yelled the boys came in "Your dead you know that" I elbowed him and grabbed the knife the security guard came in and grabbed him I held my arm as tight as I could Harry came over to me "LI your the doctor do something" He had tears going down his face I smiled "Harry its a cut I'm okay" I wiped his tears He kissed my forehead "But your my baby sister" "Ni get Mist" Niall picked up Misty she was scared still "Ang how bad does it hurt" He asked "Not bad I've felt worse pain it just burns" He cleaned it with rubbing Alcohol on it I gasped "Its gonna sting a bit" He stopped after two more spills of it on my arm and he wrapped it in a bandages He sat me on hid lap "You should be with Mist" I told him "Shes fine I think shes pretty entertained with Niall" he smirked  I saw Niall and Misty kissing in the corner I smiled and laid my head on his shoulder "are you okay" He kissed my forehead "Yeah" I said placing a kiss on his cheek "Are you sure??" He asked "Yes" I said "All in favor of going home and spending the rest of day in bed?" Scare asked "I!" everyone said we all got up  the boys carried or bags and we drove home *skip drive* Everyone went to there bedrooms Harry came with me im pretty sure the boys went with the other girls I laid down on my bed and stared at the ceiling "Babe you okay?"he laid down next to me and put an arm around me"Yeah Im fine" I laid my head on his chest "JESUS HARRY WHAT THE HELL!!!" Maria yelled "HAZZA NO SCARING THE GIRLS" I yelled "NOT MY FAULT SHES JUMPY" I rolled my eyes and laid back down on Liams chest and fell asleep listening to his heart beat

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