Big Brothers

My Names Misty I have four bestfriends who I honestly think are my long lost sisters their names are Angel Scarlet Rainy and MariaBella we are all a month apart we were all typical teenagers in till our brothers all got put into a band called One Direction now the whole world knows us as their little sisters We saw them every time they had a break but one day it all just stopped we all supported each other but little did we all know that we all fell in love with each others brothers


1. Fights

Misty's P.O.V 

I guess you could say we get involved with the wrong crowds sometimes me and my girls have had a rough time growing up we have had family ripped away from us we've been abused played and cheated by our boyfriends we've been forced to drink under the age of 13 we've also been raped at that age and we have brothers but we havent seem them in ages because they are known to the entire world as  One Direction Im related to Liam, Angle is related to Harry, Scarlet is related to Zayn, Rainy is related to Niall and MariaBella is related to Louis we used to have good times together when they came around but they stopped recently I was on my way to a starbucks that my friends work at before I went home I was in a Denim Shorts black tanktop that said The Wanted on it and a pair of Black coverese and my hair was in a highpony tail I was out training for football (soccer) "MISTY!!!!!!!" Fabian yelled he filled in for Liam I mean no one can replace him he just made me laugh and made me feel better like Liam did I smiled "FABES!!!!!!!!!!!!" I hugged him over the counter everyone was staring but I didnt really care "What will it be this time" "One iced Caramel mocha" I paid him "Of course" he wrote it down on a paper and gave it to someone in the back "Hows your day been"' I asked moving out of line and jumping onto the counter "Alright yours?" "Been alright no fights so far in a month" "Thats my girl so whatch ya doin here" He asked "Getting coffee while I'm out training" I smiled "Nice, hey I found a box of old memories the other day do you remember this??" I looked at him confused he stepped back and did a hip thrust dance I through my head back and started laughing my ass off "I knew you would remember hey my break is in five minutes you wanna wait and we can hang and catch up on the last few weeks" He asked "Sure" I hopped off the counter and walked to the very last table booth sat in the corner and pulled my knees to my chest and pulled out my phone and started checking messages to see if I got any from Tom or the boys "Love its been 2 years since they have called or texted you I know its eating you alive Im not saying you need to give up but you need to stop getting your hopes up every month" Fabian sat my coffee in front of me "I know but this is my brother and best friends we are talking about Fabes I miss him" I said taking a sip of my coffee tears were threatening to spill "I know you do" he switched sides and hugged me "But you that you will always have me and the girls right?????" He asked as I finished my coffee "of course I do I mean whos been there to cheer me up when Liam wasnt?!?!" I exclaimed throwing my cup away in the trash can behind me"I know Im good" He smirked I playfully punched his arm "I gotta get back to work Ill text you later love please stay out of trouble" He kissed my forehead "Alright I will" I smiled and got up slipping my phone into my back pocket I noticed a group of guys starring intently at me "Misty is in here I saw her through the window" I heard a guy yelled Fabian looked at me "THERE SHE IS!" "Come on guys can we just talk about this I have places to be people to see" I said trying to convince them it was just me Fabian and those 5 boys in the shop "Maybe we could hold her for ransom I hear her brother is a popstar" "Leave my brother out of this they had nothing to do with it" I said "Mist run" Fabian said "No I take shit from no one and I dont back down from a fight" I tlod him "Friend of yours?" they smirked "Leave him out of this you want me come at me bitch" I challenged "One through a punch at me I twisted his arm and pulled it behind his back "Now you have a choice you will go out with out getting your asses kicked or you can get broken bones and end up in a hospital possibly in a coma now you can choose" "J-just let us go" I let them go and they ran out of the door "I knew you had to have your bad girl side still" Mac "Shut up and leave me alone" I started walking towards the door avoiding another fight "What if I told you I know something about oh I dont know your persious brother Liam Payne your friends brothers" My head whipped around and those 5 boys' heads shot up im starting to get suspicious "Why should I believe anything you say you beat the shit out of me My brother nor his friends have called or texted us in 2 fucking years Im scared that something could happened  why the hell should I believe you know something" I spat I didnt have time for jokes "Im not lying" "LIKE I WILL EVER BELIEVE YOU EVERYTHING YOU HAVE TOLD ME IS A LIE" I started crying "Mist I-" he started I cut himm off "SAVE IT MAC I KNEW YOU WERE LOW AND HATED THE GIRLS AND I BUT I DIDNT THINK YOU WOULD EVER STOOP THIS LOW"I shouted I shook my head "Fabes Ill text you later" before he could reply I ran to a dark ally I slid down the wall pulled my knees to my chest and cried I know Mac is low and he hates me but to bring up my brothers and my friends I just I dont even like the thought

Liams P.OV We were back in England and we were at a local starbucks we saw a girl that looked exactly like my sister there was a fight and when the last guy said he knew something about her brother and then me and then the lads I knew she was my sister once that guy brought up my name she started crying she ran out of the building and we followed her but lost her she was really fast we heard crying in an ally "Misty???"I called "Its just in my head it is just in my head" I heard her repeat "Mist its not in your head we are really here" Louis said "We saw her look up her eye were blood shot and she had tear stained cheek "Im imagining things" She shook her head "Misty its really us if we werent here would I be able to touch your shoulder" I said touching her shoulder "Your here???" She gasped "Yeah we are here" Niall's face lit up She jumped up and hugged Me then Haryy Niall Louis and then Zayn "Where are our sisters? Zayn asked "Being Lazy bums and sleeping" She laughed "You wanna take us to them??" Harry asked "YeaH" We got in the car and drove off 

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