Big Brothers

My Names Misty I have four bestfriends who I honestly think are my long lost sisters their names are Angel Scarlet Rainy and MariaBella we are all a month apart we were all typical teenagers in till our brothers all got put into a band called One Direction now the whole world knows us as their little sisters We saw them every time they had a break but one day it all just stopped we all supported each other but little did we all know that we all fell in love with each others brothers


10. Decisions

RECAP: Simon asked the girls of they would like to open for their brothers and the boys are hoping they would say yes but also the girls have no clue what hes talking about. 

Misty's P.O.V "Ummm what???" I asked "Would you like to open for your brothers on tour and if you guys would like you could stay for the whole tour" Simon asked I looked at Liam and he was smiling along with the rest of the boys I couldnt speak and I didnt think Angle couldnt either because we froze in place the girls just had a blank expression "Well?!?!" The boys urged "Okay seems like they other four but cant talk especially Angle and Misty but I speak for everyone when I say Hell yeah" Maria said smiling Ill go talk and ill call the boys when the paperwork is ready" Simon said "Bye boys and girls" He said "Bye" "Did we just get signed" I asked "Yes you did" The boys hugged us and spun us around I winced as Liam touched my ribs "Mist whats wrong you winced" He asked Concerned I glanced at Niall "Nothing my chest just hurts thats all" I said looking down "whats going on??" "Misty hes your brother you need to tell him you cant keep it from him" Harry said "I know I just dont want him to worry because Im fine" I said "What the hell is going on" He shouted I showed him my badly bruised stomach and I wiped the make up off my face he pulled me into a hug  "How the hell did this happen" Rainy you explain your the smart one who figured everything out" I said holding onto Liam "When she slipped at gymnastics Mac was there no one else got hurt except Jennie who just lost concentration she slipped from the high bar if she were to slip she would of down it on the lower bar we had Sam check the bars there was water on them okay so when we went out to the gym to see if it was a true fact Her ex boyfriend was there but nothing happened well when we went walking to the car Someone took her out of Nialls arms before he could grab her or any of us could grab her she was already thrown into the van so she got technically kidnapped we followed the van and they carried her out of the car into an ally we heard her scream the girls and I stayed back because one they didnt want us kidnapped and we also wanted to because we didnt want to see Misty in the condition's she was in Niall knows what she was like they are taking us down one by one who ever they are none of us are hurt except for her they are taking her down first because shes strongest and has the most weaknesses" Angle explained "She was in a corner her head against the wall her face was bruised when I tried touching her arm she winced and crawled away from me closer into the wall and tried to get away from me In till she realized it was me"Niall said as he dropped his head "But Im fine Li-Li I promise" I kissed his cheek  "You sure?" I nodded everyone came over and we had a group hug  we all walked down the stairs and played FIFA

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