Big Brothers

My Names Misty I have four bestfriends who I honestly think are my long lost sisters their names are Angel Scarlet Rainy and MariaBella we are all a month apart we were all typical teenagers in till our brothers all got put into a band called One Direction now the whole world knows us as their little sisters We saw them every time they had a break but one day it all just stopped we all supported each other but little did we all know that we all fell in love with each others brothers


12. chapter 12 (couldnt think of anything sorry)

Harry's  P.O.V What sick twisted screwed up low life would do this I mean these girls were our everything im not lying we loved them to death none of this was true we ran the direction they went in and found them in a near by lake "These arent real" Niall said Misty got up "They look pretty damn real to me" She shouted and ran the girls followed "Im gonna kill the person that sent these" Zayn said we ran after the girls "I had a conversation with management on this day but they changed the words We would never do this" I said "So its true?!?!?!" Angle choked up "No this conversation was completely different it was about when we got drunk and did stupid things the only true statement was End of discussion Girls why dont you believe us we are your brothers and we care more than you know and we honestly asked each other if it was all right for each other to date you guys"  I explained "Then wheres Liam huh?! Your all here except him if Misty were here do you know how crushed she would be" Angle screamed "Hes trying to get management off of our asses"Niall said "ANGLE SOMEBODY HELP!!!!" We heard misty screamed *Splash* we saw misty sinking in the water before we knew it Niall had taken off his shoes and was in the water "Awe you found your precious brothers after I sent that to you and since your all crying I guess you bought it" a guy came out of no where "You son of a bitch" Liam had him against a tree "Calm down your sisters fine Irish freak saved her" He said as Niall came up to dry land and he heard it too I could see the pain in his eyes hes the sensitive one out of us boys fans say he should leave One Direction and he should die Niall started to untie him "Irish freak your kidding me right Li-Li move his ass is dead" Rainy said "AWWW protective over your big brother" He said "Your an ass"  "Awe come love you know you cant resist me" He smirked at her "Back off shes taken" I stepped in shes my girl no ones changing that I waited to long for this Rainy punched him directly in stomach "Id never be interested in your bastard ass id have to be really stupid or really desperate" She smiled "And if your interseted in me at all you wouldnt have said that about my brother because Im Irish too and Im dating Harry so fuck off" She added letting him slide down the tree walking over to Niall 

Misty's P.O.V I got tripped and dragged to a cabin and I was tied he had my mouth covered and took me to the lake when he uncovered my mouth I screamed but I got thrown in i could hold my breath for about 2-3 minutes but that was it I heard someone enter the water but I passed out. 

Rainy's P.O.V I know how sensitive my brother is because thats exactly how it is when it comes to them but we put up walls no one could tell "Ni-Ni are you okay?" I asked him "Why does he hate me he doesnt even know me" He asked with teary eyes "Because hes a Jerk thats why he does it to us too your not an Irish freak and if you were I would be too" I smiled wrapping my arms around his neck from behind he smiled "Shes okay shes breathing she is also a fighter" I told him the boys and the rest of the girls came around me "Niall are you alright" Harry asked "Yeah I'm fine" He said Misty woke up coughing up water "You alright?" Niall asked she only nodded "Misty that stuff Angle got is BS we thought Jeremiah sent it but it was Jason Harry said he had a Conversation with management but it was about that night we saw on the news and in magazines on how they got drunk" Scarlet said She coughed up more water I got up and let Niall pick her up "Hes a prick always has been" She coughed "We know he hit on Rainy" Harry clenched his jaw and tighten his fists I walked over to him "Someone wanna go get the van?" Niall asked "I'll go" I said "No Rainy your not going none of you girls are" Niall said "Ni-Ni Haz will go with me" I said "Just dont leave Haz" he pointed "I wont" Harry and I left He was still tense a bit "Harry?" I asked "Yes love?" He asked "Listen I am yours like I told the prick Id have to be stupid or desperate and im neither of those I'm yours and that will NEVER change" I told him "I know I just cant the fact of anyone hitting on you or flirting with you I thought I had lost you my sister and the girls because of what that prick sent you" He said he wasnt tense anymore "My back hurts and you would never lose us completely" I said He smiled "When we get home Ill rub you back for you" He kisses my temple "Your too sweet"I smiled "I lo-" *Snap* We whipped around to the side it came from *Crack* "Run" He told me he grabbed my hand and we started running we reached the van and got in I got in the driver seat this time and drove literally as fast as I could to the rest of us no knowing what that was we got there and then they ran in "GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO
 Liam shouted "Why?" I started driving "FASTER RAINY GIRLS ARE FASTER" He was gesturing to fans "I started driving faster "Whos doing what when we get home" Liam asked "I'm taking a shower and then Im going to go fall in love with my bed again" Niall gave her this look "I THOUGHT YOU LOVED ME!" He yelled trying to act like he was hurt "I do""No you dont"He pointed "Yes i do" "WE WILL SETTLE THIS AT HOME" Louis shouted as we pulled into the driveway "My back hurts really bad" I whined walking into my bed room and laying on my stomach "Babe?" Harry knocked on the door "Come in" He came in and shut the door "Whats wrong my love" He asked I scooted over to the other side of the bed so he was in front of me "My back hurts" I complained He laid down next to me on his side I switched positions so that I was laying on my side facing him "Why does it hurt" He asked concerned filled his voice "I dont know" I said He pulled me closer gently I scooted as close as I could so I could feel his body heat I curled into a ball Harry held me with one arm and he put the other up the back of my shirt and started rubbing my lower back he started singing moments to me as I fell asleep 

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