Big Brothers

My Names Misty I have four bestfriends who I honestly think are my long lost sisters their names are Angel Scarlet Rainy and MariaBella we are all a month apart we were all typical teenagers in till our brothers all got put into a band called One Direction now the whole world knows us as their little sisters We saw them every time they had a break but one day it all just stopped we all supported each other but little did we all know that we all fell in love with each others brothers


7. Bruised bloody and kidnapped

Misty's P.O.V The girls and I were gonna go to the gym I wanted to get my landing right they didnt think it was a good idea since I had a concussion earlier but I wanted to do some more gymnastics I know I could land that I know mac put water on the bars I know he did but how I dont know the boys were asleep so we wrote a note and we left "Misty its not a good idea for you to be doing this" Scarlet said "I know but I know I can land that Mac put water on the bars causing the chalk to wash off and my hands to slip off the bars" I said "We know you can land it you dont need to prove yourself to us" Rainy said "I know but I wont rest till I land it" I said pulling into the parking lot and turned off my car "The boys will e here in 10 minutes" Maria smiled and put her phone up we walked inside as I put on my grips chalked up my hands and walked to the bars "Misty please dont kill yourself" Niall said walking in the door "You said ten minutes not ten seconds" Maria said "well your brother drove love" Zayn said wrappping his arms around her from behind "Of course he did" I smirked  I was going to do a Double Layout (Heres a youtube video for a double layout on what it looks like: )  "Dont kill yourself" Harry said "I wont would you guys shut up and im pretty sure somebody would catch me" I said rolling my eyes  "You need someone to catch you?" An American accent said I knew who he was the guys name was Dylan and no way in hell is he touching me hes my ex"No Im fine one of MY boys will do it" I said Niall stepped up "Ill catch you babe" "BABE?!?! BACK UP! BABE?!?!" He shouted "Yes as in hes my boyfriend im his girlfriend get out of her Dylan "You know this guy" "Hes my ex" I said Dylan walked up to me "are you serious your dating him just for money your kidding right hes one of your brothers friends and your brother isnt even here thats low Mist" He spat "Actually Her brother is here hes at home laying down he doesnt feel good" "And these are my friends Harry Zayn and Louis Liam is my brother and Niall is my boyfriend now back off" I said Dylan backed up at stepped off the mat "I was better than the Irish freak" He said  I was pissed "Him a freak?? your kidding right?! Hes better than you are your the one whos a freak so you shouldnt be talking you abuse every girlfriend you ever had which is like what 20-30? including me! I was actually thinking about being a friend of yours but no way in hell is that happening now why dont you get out of here because clearly if you piss me off even more you will be in a hospital" I said in one breath he was dumbfounded and walked off "20-30 really??" Harrys eyes were wide "Yeah and thats accurate" I said jumping on to the lower bar and then jumping onto the higher bar and landing perfectly "See nothing to be scared of" I smiled "Can we go now IM HUNGRY" Scarlet yelled "Yeah lets go" I said Niall intertwined our fingers as we all walked out of the gym Someone pulled me away from him as I dropped my keys I started screaming Niall tried getting me back so did the boys and the girls "LET ME GO" He covered my mouth "boys" The guy nodded "girls" He nodded again and through me into a van and drove off 

Niall's P.O.V I just lost my girl and Liam just lost his sister but we dont plan on telling him we are finding her first  "Get in the car lets go" the girls jumped in Mistys car and the boys got in my car I rode with the girls I was shaking my leg "Ni shes going to be okay we are going to find her" Maria said while driving "I know I just we just got you all back and shes my girlfriend also one of my best friends so I just need her to be okay" I said  "She will be but they are taking us down one by one" Rainy said "What are you talking about" Angle asked "Think about it She was the one that got her at gymnastics besides Jennie but Jennie lost concentration  Mac put water on the bars and she hit her head thinking she would of lost her vision completely okay but now she just got kidnapped but have any of us got attacked? no they are taking us down one by one" She said "AND This is why shes the smart one" Angle said all I could do was smile  "Ni-Ni shes going to be okay I promise I know how much you love her just like I love Harry you the girls and the rest of the boys" Rainy said "We love you too" I smiled again the van stopped so we stopped and turned off the car and watched them drag out Misty who has blood coming from her both and then we heard her scream we all jumped out of the car and ran towards her 

Angle's P.O.V We heard her scream and my heart dropped the boys ran in front of us the girls and I were in tears we would be emotionally and physically unstable for awhile if anything happened to her Direction by destination wouldn't be the same Liam would be crushed Niall as well we all would be we saw the boys come out with out any cuts or bruises or any physical damage thank god but then there was Niall who was missing "Wheres Niall?" Rainy asked "Hes coming hes getting misty" next thing you know you see Niall carrying misty bridal style who was bruised beaten and bloody "Mist you okay" "Im in pain and my mouth is bleeding other than that yeah" She said Niall kissed her forehead over and over again I opened the car door to the backseat of Mistys car as Niall got in with misty "Lets go back to the house Li is still asleep so we can make it lets go" we all nodded and got in the cars 

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