Big Brothers

My Names Misty I have four bestfriends who I honestly think are my long lost sisters their names are Angel Scarlet Rainy and MariaBella we are all a month apart we were all typical teenagers in till our brothers all got put into a band called One Direction now the whole world knows us as their little sisters We saw them every time they had a break but one day it all just stopped we all supported each other but little did we all know that we all fell in love with each others brothers


8. Bruised and cant move

Misty's P.O.V when I was in the ally way I was terrified I couldnt get a single punch or kick in I thought they were going to kill me and when I saw 4 more people walk in the ally way but they started beating the shit of  they guys that were beating me but then I realized it was my boys I flinched and scooted towards the wall trying to get away when one touched me but I recognized his blue eyes it was Niall I Immediately  fell into his chest and I tried to stop tears from flowing but I couldnt he picked me up a carried me if it wasnt for them and the girls I would be dead we were in the car right now on are way home "Ni-Ni" Rainy asked "Yeah" He looked up "Is she awake" "Hardly" I groaned I felt something wet hit my cheek I looked up and I saw Niall with tears in his eyes I sat up and kissed his cheek as we pulled into the drive way and we all got out when the sun hit my lights I fell backwards "Whoa!" Louis cau ght me before I fell completely "Misty whats up" Scarlet asked "The sun hurts" I hid my eyes "Here babe" Niall put his sunglasses on me "How bad do you hurt?" Zayn asked I could see the hurt in his eyes "Im fine just hate the taste of blood in my mouth and can I just saw you boys beat the shit out of those guys and you come back cut and bruise free you guys are badasses" I smiled causing the boys to laugh "We heard you scream and we were freaking out" The girls hugged me "Thats because they kicked my face and it hurt like hell" I said hugging them "Now lets go get you looking normal and awesome again before Liam wakes up" Harry teased I punched him "Shut up curly" I smiled giving the boys a hug we got to the front door "baby where this so just in case Li is down stairs" Niall slipped helped me put his hoodie on since I could hardly move my arms and I put on the hood we all walked inside Niall still had tears in his eyes "Good Li is still asleep lets get to work"Niall and I ran into my room and everyone stayed down stairs in case Li woke up I took off his jacket and laid on the bed along with his sunglasses I walked into the bathroom and clean all the blood out of my mouth and everything all thats left is a bruise I saw Niall had tears in his eyes "Babe whats wrong?" I asked he just shook his head and looked at the ground I walked over to him and he looked at me with tears going down his face "Ni why are you crying?" "Because I watched you get kidnapped and now your hurt I cant stand to see you like this" He cried I hugged him "Ni-Ni your keeping me safe you saved me babe im fine" He dug his face into my neck "Look at me" I told him he looked at me with teary eyes "I'm okay I got my brother back I got my best friends back and you and I are together" I told him "I just hate seeing you heart goes for the rest of the girls I thought I lost you" "Im not going anywhere" I kissed him as he kissed back someone knock on the door "Niall Management has called we need you down stairs" Liam said "Coming Li" I said as he planted another silent kiss on my lips "Is my sister in there" "Im getting into the shower Li" I said moving towards the bathroom "AND NIALLS IN THE ROOM!?!" He yelled barging in I shut the bathroom door and locket it right on time "You gave me a fucking heart attack" He yelled "Haha sorry" I said turning on the water I stripped off my clothes and got in the shower I only take like 5 minute showers

Niall's P.O.V That was close I walked down stairs with Liam and saw Simon in the house  "SIMON!!" I yelled excitedly "Hi Niall what was liam yelling about" "Nothing" I said The girls came running in from the back yard  in a rush "Who are they?" they stopped in there tracks and turned around "Those are our sisters" Zayn smiled "AH Nice to meet you girls Im simon now whos related to who?" He asked "I'm Mariabella and Im related to Louis, This is Scarlet shes related Zayn, thats Angle shes related to Harry, and thats Rainy and shes related to Niall" Maria smiled "Wheres Liam's sister" "Upstairs freaking out oh and her names misty" Rainy said "What why" Liams head shot up "Something about Gymnastics who knows till we go find out" angle smiled as we heard a loud bang and a scream "MIST?!" We yelled "IM OKAY" She yelled coming down the stairs "And this is misty" I said "Hi Im simon" Hi Im Liams sister" She smiled "Nice to meet you" He said "You too" "Well we will leave you guys too your meeting we will erm be upstairs" They smiled and ran upstairs 

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