Sanguine Town Police Files: The Shadow Man Enigma

This story is inspired by Slender Man.
A series of witness statements from the investigation of the mysterious "Shadow Man" who has been stalking "his" way through Sanguine Town, causing a series of mysterious disappearances.


4. Witness Transcript 1

Scene: Sanguine Town Main Park

Witness: Robert Scott, Age 23



Officer: Interview started at 0845 in the morning with Mr. Robert Scott, 23. Okay, Robert. Tell me what you saw.

Robert: What I saw? You want to know what I saw? (PAUSE) You don’t want to know.

Officer: We need to know, Robert. If you have any information about the disappearances…

Robert: (INTERRUPTS) (SHOUTS) Disappearances? They’re not disappearances, they’re kidnaps!

Officer: What do you mean, kidnap?

Robert: There’s someone in the parks who grabs children. (WHISPERS) And if you see him, he comes after you.

Officer: Then who is he, Robert?

Robert: (PAUSE) The Shadow Man…

Officer: You’re not wasting our time, are you, Robert?

Robert: Of course I’m not. (SHOUTS) He took my daughter! I was at the park, and it was late! I called her to tell her we needed to go home, and I saw him holding her clothes!

Officer: And what did he look like?

Robert: (SHOUTS) Why do you need to know? The description is in the newspapers!

Officer: Refresh my memory.

Robert: (SHOUTS) Refresh your memory? Fine! (DEEP BREATH – QUIETER VOICE) Pure white skin, faceless, bald, dressed in a black suit, and its arms are too long.

Officer: And you say you saw him take your daughter?

Robert: (SLAMS HANDS ON TABLE – SHOUTS) I saw him holding her clothes! She was already gone! And now he’s coming for me!

Officer: (SIGH) Is there anything else you can tell me?

Robert: No.

Officer: Then you are free to go. We’ll be in contact.

Robert: There’s no point. He’s coming for me. (PAUSE) The Shadow Man always gets who he wants…

Officer: Interview ended at 0855.

Transcript End


Like the other witnesses, Robert disappeared soon after the interview. Like the others, a note was found in his home.

It read:

The Shadow Man always gets who he wants. And he will get me.

His clothes were found scattered in Schoolside Park, on the other side of the city to where his daughter went missing.

The search was called off as soon as they were found.

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