Sanguine Town Police Files: The Shadow Man Enigma

This story is inspired by Slender Man.
A series of witness statements from the investigation of the mysterious "Shadow Man" who has been stalking "his" way through Sanguine Town, causing a series of mysterious disappearances.


3. Witness Statement 2

Scene: Schoolside Park

Witness: Francis Williams, Age 37


Statement:You’ll think I’m insane, but I’m being honest. Something took those kids, and it wasn’t human.

I saw it take two of them. John Lindon and George Berry lured from the park and…they vanished.

I saw them at the edge of the park at almost 10PM – I don’t know why they were there, as they were only about 8 – over near the trees, and they almost seemed to be talking to someone. I, as a curious bystander, headed over to investigate. It’s no lie that I was concerned. Whoever they were talking to, if they were in the trees, could not have been a good person, and with the kinds of people in this city, can you blame me for thinking that?

I walked fast, but I didn’t run. They were only kids, and kids can’t move very fast. I reached the trees, and saw the boys following this tall man with no hair and abnormally long arms. He wore this black suit, too, and it actually fitted his arms properly, which was odd.

He walked really woodenly, and the kids walked slowly by his side. I’m not sure why they followed him, but they did. And then he stopped, and turned round to face them.

And there was no face. I froze. How could someone have no face?

He reached out his hands to the kids, and they screamed…but not for long. He grabbed them, and they just vanished in his hands, leaving only clothes.

I backed away, and he seemed to look at me. He started to follow me, moving rather woodenly again, and I just turned and ran.

I looked back once or twice, and he was there, but eventually I got away.

I’ve been hiding at home for a couple of days, but then I decided I needed to say what I saw.


Francis Williams never got back home, according to his wife. The last person who saw him, Officer Temple, who was at the desk that night, said that Francis had dropped of a note before leaving.

It read:

The Shadow Man calls for me. I must go to him. There is no escape.

No sign of Francis has been found, but the search was called off after a month. He is still missing, and presumed dead.

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