Sanguine Town Police Files: The Shadow Man Enigma

This story is inspired by Slender Man.
A series of witness statements from the investigation of the mysterious "Shadow Man" who has been stalking "his" way through Sanguine Town, causing a series of mysterious disappearances.


2. Witness Statement 1

Scene: Sanguine Town Main Park

Witness: Daniel Bishop, Age 18


Statement:I was walking through the park at about 9PM. I didn’t really want to go home, so I thought I’d stay out for a while. It was over in the west side of the park, where there are more trees, and I heard someone breathing heavily, panting, as if they had been running, so I decided to find them, and see if they needed help.

I headed towards the breathing, and when I looked through the trees I saw this little girl – about 10-years-old – cowering against a tree.

My first instinct was to go and help her, but then this strange noise filled my ears. It sounded a bit like static, and my vision went all blurry. Then this…thing appeared. Like a man, but with pure white skin, no hair, arms that looked too long – they went below the knees – and it wore what looked like a tailor-made black suit.

It was looking away from me, at the girl, almost frozen in place.

One of its arms moved up, towards the girl; she screamed, and tried to run, but it jerked forward and grabbed her by the hair.

I’m not sure what happened next. The girl just vanished in its hand, and her clothes dropped to the ground.

Frozen in place until that, I gasped quite loudly, and the thing turned to face me. It stared at me, but it had no face. No eyes, no mouth…nothing. It cocked its head at me, like a puppet with a loose string, and I just ran, without looking back.

A few days afterwards I saw posters of the girl. Rebecca Green. That’s who it was.

But the faceless thing…I don’t know what it was. I’ve never heard of anything like it.


Daniel Bishop disappeared soon after giving his statement. His room was searched after he was reported missing, in the hopes of finding out where he may have gone. A hastily written note was found on his desk, which read:

I have to find it. The faceless Shadow Man. He wants to be found.

The search was called off two weeks later, when his clothes were found, scattered, at the foot of a tree.

Daniel himself is still missing, and is presumed dead.

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