Sanguine Town Police Files: The Shadow Man Enigma

This story is inspired by Slender Man.
A series of witness statements from the investigation of the mysterious "Shadow Man" who has been stalking "his" way through Sanguine Town, causing a series of mysterious disappearances.


1. Cover Page

Case: The Shadow Man Enigma

Case Leader: Detective Inspector Oliver Hansson

Status: Unsolved / Cold

Report: Of course, supernatural activity can be considered very natural and normal here in Sanguine Town; occasionally, though, something happens that can be considered paranormal, and “The Shadow Man Enigma” is by far one of the most paranormal of these cases.

Reports of disappearances in the Sanguine Town Main Park started coming in, followed closely by reports of disappearances at Schoolside Park. At first these cases were considered unrelated, until two eyewitnesses came to the Police Department and told similar, almost matching, stories. These witnesses did not know one another, and had no contact with the other – one statement was about the Main Park Disappearances, and the other about the Schoolside Park Disappearances.

The witnesses mysteriously disappeared after giving their statements.

So far we have noticed that the so-called “Shadow Man” (a name given by the Press) only seems active at night, if the witness statements are anything to go by; and so far he has only been active in parks. He doesn’t seem to be active on the night of the full moon, however.

We have received multiple, matching descriptions of this entity, and all people who have seen him (at least, those who came to the Police) disappear.

Find attached to this document a number of witness statements. Some have been written in transcript form, whilst others are as written by the witnesses.

There are a few key features in these statements that are repeated.

For example: The “Shadow Man” seems to prey on children, and only goes after adolescents or adults if they see him; It seems to freeze when people look at it; It moves quickly, and some witnesses say silently; Once you see it, it seems to follow you; If it does not freeze when looked at, it will move slowly and woodenly.

Of course, the main repeated feature is the description of the entity. There can be no denying that it is the same entity each time. All of the statements describe him as being tall and faceless, with snow-white skin (or skin colour to that effect), abnormally long arms and dressed in a sharp, black suit.

Some statements, albeit not all, mention dark “tentacles” or “tendrils” that sprout from its back.

My own, personal, comment is: Do not look for the Shadow Man. We have lost enough officers and civilians already.

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