Learn to love again.

Blurb:This is story of how a heart-broken girl falls head over heels for a guy.But this is no love story this has a dark secret behind closed doors!


1. Heart-brake:(

If you are/were in a deep long term relationship then you know that love is the best feeling in the world and nothing can replace that feeling. I love when you get that warm snuggy feeling in your heart when the person walks in the room. You stare dreamily at them then our eyes meet and you start to melt inside,next you have completely lost track of time and you both feel like you are in heaven, you both completely get lost in each others eyes. Then you get that sudden tap or poke from the person sitting next to you that brings you back to reality and down from heaven.

But if you have only ever had crushes don't panic love should not be rushed it is a thing that takes time it takes loves own time to work and if you love someone that does clearly not have the same feelings for you as you do for them, then i know how much it hurts it feels like your heart has been ripped out and then being stabbed over and over again, but you can't let them go from your hear. Your love for the crush it will eventually die away! However if you have only ever had short relationships and short crushes then you still know how love is the best feeling in the world it makes you feel alive.  

Anyway lets get back to my story I thought that I had found love but clearly I was wrong. It was Danny Longthorpe every girl in my year fancied him he was a cross country runner and head of the school football team. He was quite tall like me, we both were in the same year (year 10), he had this lush golden brown hair that fell natrural over his face. We went out for two and a half years it was amazing. This is the story of me and my love life ...

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