The Order of the Elements

My name is Psyche. You can call me Pshycic Psyche if you want- it's fine, I've put with it my entire life. The name would even be funny- if it wasn't so true.
I'm different. I thought nobody ever knew their purpose in life, but now I do.
'To fulfil your purpose, you must do what you never want to do.'
Those were the words spoken to me.
And boy, there are a LOT of things I never wanted to do.


1. A strange encounter

I'd never been a lucky person. My name was Psyche, and people said I was a psycho. I was perhaps the most unlucky person, looks-wise; I had jet black hair and pale skin. As a child, I was compared to Dracula- I'd have been convinced myself, if it wasn't for my ridiculous bright green eyes and vegetarian ways.

So, like I said, I'd never been a lucky person...


"And so, those were the main parts of the Female Reproductive System." Continued Dr. De'ath after being interrupted by some boys at the back who had been acting out part of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie. Dr. De'ath was one of the science teachers at school, supposedly female, with a beard, breasts and too much lipstick. "Would anyone like to tell me what the Female Reproductive System is for?"

Everyone in the class sniggered, apart from me, of course.

"Troy? Would you answer for me please, instead of carving genitals into the table?" Dr. De'ath asked, leaning on the side of my desk, making it lean dangerously to the left, and staring accusingly at my crush (every girls' crush) from across the room. Troy was tall, golden haired and had the most attractive blue eyes.

"Sex, Dr. Death." Troy said casually.

"Dr. De'ath" The teacher corrected. "But yes, you are absolutely right."

And with that, Dr. De'ath continued her lecture, determined to bore us to her name. I took the chance to look across at Troy.

Oh. My. God.

He was looking straight at me! He'd never even looked at me before! I smiled sweetly and hoped he'd smile back, dreaming of our first date- until I realised he was laughing at me.

The whole class was laughing at me.

"Hey, Psycho- I love your hair." A random bitch, who's name I'd never bothered to remember, sneered from the seat behind me. My hand went to my head, and fell back to the desk with a length of loo roll, which had 'Psycho' written in it in the random bitch's signiture pink pen. Just my luck.

If looks could kill, the random bitch would be lying dead on the ground with her limbs in spasm, but my glare only made everyone laugh harder. Feeling my pale cheeks begin to redden, there was only one option left.

I got up, and turned to the random bitch.

"Fuck you." I screamed in her face, snapping my pen in half and emptying every last drop of the blue ink inside straight onto her perfect, head of blonde hair. "Oh, by the way, I love your hair too."

And with that, I stormed from the classroom, leaving the mortified screams and squeals of the bitches in my class ringing behind me.



"You realise this is a serious offence in this school?" The Head-teacher asked, raising one of his bushy eyebrows.


"I'm surprised at you, Psyche Macearchern. You've always been quiet and hardworking."

"I'm sorry." I said coldly, starting to feel tingling in my fingers. I put it down to stress. "I just snapped."

"Well, I've made the decision to isolate you from your class for the next few weeks to see how you go. You'll be sharing a class with the new student." Sighed the Head, writing something in shorthand in my file.

"Mmmhm." I nodded, quickly sitting on my hands in a bid to stop the tingling. It didn't help.


I counted the doors down the corridor, looking into each side-window, just to be nosey. Each door was blue, and most had drawings and names, scribbled in permanent marker, covering the surface.

"Aha!" I said to myself, fing the right classroom I'd been sent to. My fingers were still tingling, but much less than earlier.

I knocked on the door.

"Come in." A woman's voice called from inside- this door had no side-window, because it was for isolation.

I pulled open the door and was instantly dragged inside by a woman with a bright pink pencil skirt. She sat me down before I could say anything.

"Um, Psyche Macearchern?"

"Yeah." I said miserably. I'd heard stories of this type of isolation- hours and hours of an eccentric councillor going through social situations before a visit from a teacher of each 'important' subject.

"Right, we just have to wait for Daniel to get here, then we'll begin."

"OK..." I mumbled, getting out my purple pencil-case and placing it on the desk.

It was silent for a few more minutes before the door was pulled open by this woman's second victim.

"Daniel! Late!" The woman cried, grabbing him and sitting him down opposite me. His hair was dark, and he was almost as pale as I was. Well, he would be if I wasn't blushing so much.


After two hours of us answering questions on friendship problems and bullying, it was finally time for lunch.

"Right, then. I'm afraid you can't leave this room, except to go to the toilet, so I'll see you after lunch break." The woman, who had identified herself as Miss. Gibson, sang, leaving the room before anyone could reply.

It was awkward for a while, with Daniel staring at me non-stop.

"I can't believe it's you." He said, breaking the silence.

"Excuse me?" I asked.

"You. Psyche." Daniel stood up. "I've been searching for you since you were a baby."

I gulped quietly, searching the room quickly with my eyes for a weapon in case he turned out to be some sort of mental-asylum escapee- or a stalker who had been released on bail.

"Psyche?" He asked, frowning.

I stood up. He was a good foot taller than I was. "Um, do I actually know you?"

"No." He looked sad for a moment. "I'm here to warn you."

"About yourself?" I asked awkwardly.

"No!" He laughed for a moment, before his face turned serious once more. "Because you are in danger."

"From you?"

"No." He looked out the window and then listened at the door to make sure there was nobody around to overhear. "You have been chosen as the leader of The Order of the Elements."

"Riiiight. Are you sure you don't come from a Mental Hospital?" I looked at him up and down- he didn't look like he came from a mental hospital.

"I have not come from a Mental Hospital. You really have been chosen as leader for The Order of the Elements." Daniel said. "You are in danger- if They find out where you are, They'll kill you. Plus, it's your 15th Birthday soon- you should start to develop."

I glared at him, before looking down at my chest. "I have developed."

"No," He rolled his eyes. "Not that sort of developing. I meant when you start to get your powers."

I must have looked like a fish; my mouth was hanging open and I had a blank expression on my face. "You're not high on something, are you?"

He shook his head.

"Drunk? Delusional?"

"No." He stepped closer. "You need to start believing me."

"Or what?"

"You'll get killed."

"Was that a threat?" I snapped. "Wait- what if I don't want to believe you?"

"To fulfil your purpose, you must do what you never want to do." He said. "If you don't want you or your family to get hurt- trust me."

"Yep, you're delusional."

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