Life of a Eleanor Calder

Emma was Eleanor Calder's doppelganger. She did most of Eleanor's public appearances, and had to pretend to be in love with Eleanor's boyfriend, Louis Tomlinson. But that is hard because she had fallen for another band member. Will she be able to stay away from him? Or will she ruin Eleanor's relationship with Louis forever?


18. Thank you!+BIG SURPRISE!!


Dear readers,

I would just like to thank you all for your support! You have saved my life in so many ways (I say that all the time.. but its true!), and have opened up so many doors for me. Such as, Amazon gave me the AMAZING opportunity to publish a fanfiction on Kindle. It is not a 1D one, but I cant say much about it, but I am very excited.



 I need you to read onedirection_luv's story called U.N.I BECAUSE she is posting the big surprise in her next chapter! I will put the link in the comments! All I am going to say is... you guys will be very shocked >:D

Love you all!

Claire xx

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