Life of a Eleanor Calder

Emma was Eleanor Calder's doppelganger. She did most of Eleanor's public appearances, and had to pretend to be in love with Eleanor's boyfriend, Louis Tomlinson. But that is hard because she had fallen for another band member. Will she be able to stay away from him? Or will she ruin Eleanor's relationship with Louis forever?


9. Chapter 9


I put on Eleanor's stylish white knee-length dress with matching silver an red louboutins. I straightened my naturally frizzy hair and put on some silver eyeliner for a POP! of color. I smiled and trotted out of the bathroom. Louis is taking 'Eleanor' to a fashion show in London. We arrive here in London last night. London is amazing. I have only been here a few times before, but it was never enough time.

"Are you ready Lou?" I asked impatiently as I fixed my earrings. 

"I've been ready!" He complained. I rolled my eyes and grabbed my red clutch. I turned to Eleanor who was staring blankly at her phone.

"El, are you sure you don't want to go?" I smiled at her. She shook her head and her lips curved into a smile.

'Its fine, I don't really want to go anyway." She smiled. I nodded my head and looked at Louis.

"Okay babel, remember, no Twitter, Instagram, or Starbucks until we are back, okay?" Louis smirked. She laughed and hit him lightly on the shoulder. He kissed her forehead and held out his hand. "Other El, Are you ready to go?" He asked bowing.

"You are something else Louis." I laughed. He winked at me and I followed him out. We walked down the stairs into the grand lobby in London's finest hotel. Paul and a few other people surrounded us. I kept my head down, and Louis held my hand in a protective way. I all the sudden heard screams from all around me.

"It's okay El." Louis whispered into my ear and kissed my forehead. He was a really good actor. I gripped his hand as we passed through the crowd. Once we got outside there was a limo waiting for us. I hopped into the limo and watched out the window blankly. When we got to the plaza that the fashion show was at, we walked out on the red carpet. Louis kept kissing my cheek while I kept smiling. We sat down in front row seats and watched the show. There were so many beautiful outfits. About half way through the show Louis shifted in his seat and kept looking uncomfortable.

"Em, my phone wont stop ringing, is yours?" He mumbled into my ear. I looked into my clutch and saw my phone vibrating. I nodded my head and we both stood up and left. Once we got to the lobby I pulled out my phone.

"I have 23 missed calls." I said, my jaw tightening. Louis looked at his phone and tensed.

"34." He replied bluntly. All the calls were from the boys, Perrie, Eleanor, and Dani. I called Danielle because Louis was calling Eleanor. After three rings, Danielle answered.

"Ohmigosh I am so glad you answered." Danielle said out of breath. I opened my mouth, but before I could say anything Dani started talking. "Liam left to go get Nandos for all of us, and got caught up in a serious fan mob. There was no security with him because they were all with you and-and-and..." She trailed off. I started panicking.

"What Dani!?!" I yelled. Louis was pacing the floor with his phone held against his ear. His face was white. I instantly felt sick to my stomach.

"He got in a horrible accident." She cried. My stomach tightened. "He's in the hospital."

"We'll be right there." I said sadly and hung up.








I just wanted to say that Perrie and Liam are NOT cheaters in real life. I just want to clear that up. That is just for the book. I love Perrie and Liam dearly. That's all I have to say.



Love you all!


Claire :) xx

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