Life of a Eleanor Calder

Emma was Eleanor Calder's doppelganger. She did most of Eleanor's public appearances, and had to pretend to be in love with Eleanor's boyfriend, Louis Tomlinson. But that is hard because she had fallen for another band member. Will she be able to stay away from him? Or will she ruin Eleanor's relationship with Louis forever?


11. Chapter 11 (13+)


"I'm going to visit Liam." Danielle said sadly. I nodded my head and spread some cream cheese across my bagel. Liam has been in the hospital for three weeks. He is in a coma and hasn't woken up yet.

"Can I join you?" Eleanor asked excitedly. Dani nodded her head and grabbed her purse. Eleanor jumped up and grabbed her bag. I took a bite of my bagel and leaned against the counter.

"Why are you eating a bagel at 10 PM?" Harry asked slowly, walking into the room. I shrugged my shoulders and took another big bite.

"Har, we are going to go see Liam, wanna come with?" Eleanor asked whilst putting on her shoes. Harry shrugged his shoulders and ran his hands through his hair.

"Sure, why not. I'll go get Zayn and Niall." He suggested. Before Danielle could protest, Harry ran out of the room and got Zayn and Niall. Niall peaked his head in the room and smiled.

"Hey, are you coming with babe?" Niall asked. Yes, in those three weeks, Niall and I have became a couple. No one but the boys, Danielle, Eleanor, and Perrie know. The world still thinks that I am Eleanor Calder. I sat my bagel down on walked up to Niall. I wrapped my arms around his neck and smiled.

"I don't think I am. I have to stay here and wait for Louis to come home." I smiled and pecked Niall on the cheek. He frowned and I giggled. "Don't worry babe, I will be here when you get back." I said and grabbed my bagel. Niall shrugged his shoulders and put on his shoes. Eleanor walked fastly over to me and put her hands on my shoulders.

"Emma, I need you to do a huge favor for me." She asked slowly.

"Anything El, what do you need?" I asked suspiciously. She took her hands off of my shoulder and looked at her fingers.

"Um, I hate doing this to Louis, but..." She trailed off.

"What? Eleanor, what do you want me to do?" I began to worry. She sighed and looked at me.

"I need you to pretend to be me for a few days." Eleanor's face tightened.

"What do you mean? I pretend to be you all the time." I said, shoving my hands into my pockets. She ran her hands through her brown hair and looked at her feet.

"When Louis gets back and if he thinks that you are me, I need you to pretend to be me." She explained slowly. I opened my mouth to say something, but she cut me off. "He has been so depressed lately and shaken up over the whole Liam thing, I need to help me." She begged. I took a deep breath and looked at her.

"Okay. So what do I have to do?" I agreed. He face lit up and she hugged me tightly.

"Thank you so much." She said into my ear. I pulled away and she smiled. "All you have to do is pretend to be me. Do what ever we do together. Just, don't say no to anything that I wouldn't say no to." She explained.

"But, don't you think that he would be able to tell that I am not you?" I cocked my head to the side.

"He was probably out drinking. He wont be able to tell." Eleanor smiled.

"What do I say if he asks where I am?" I questioned. She tapped her foot and closed her eyes. He face lit up, and then she opened up her eyes.

"Say that you went out of town to see your family." Eleanor smiled. I nodded my head and hugged her. "I will be back soon." She assured me.

"Are you ready to go?" Danielle asked impatiently. Eleanor nodded her head and followed behind them. I plopped down on the couch and finished eating my bagel. I turned on the TV and watch Pretty Little Liars. About an hour later, the door opened.

"Eleanor." Louis groaned. I jumped up and walked over to Louis. He was gripping his stomach.

"What Boo?" I asked in Eleanor's voice. He leaned on me and I wrapped my arms around him tightly.

"I need you El." He slurred. I stroked his hair and shushed him.

"I'm right here." I cooed. He stood up and looked at me seriously.

"El. I need you." He said again. I raised an eyebrow, confused. He leaned down and started kissing my neck. I realized what he meant, and began to freak out.

"Not tonight Louis." I fake giggled.

"You've never said no before." Louis breathed. Should I say no? Eleanor said to say yes to everything that she wouldn't say no to. This is a completely different thing though. Before I knew it, I was in bed, with Louis beside me.







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