Kidnapped by O2L

A girl named Liz is kidnapped by O2L after seeing Jc make a choice that will ruin his life for good.But what will happen when Jc starts to fall in love but the girl he loves is in love with another....Read more to find out!


2. Who are you guys?

I woke up in the middle of a van handcuffed to a bar.I sat against the side of the vehicle looking out the window getting my last look at sun light before god only knows what will happen to me.


“Oh you’re awake...”



“Who are you guys?”

“My name is Connor!”The boy that stuck up for me said.

“I’m Trevor!”The smallest boy said he looked very happy.

“Hi I’m Kian.”The sorta asian boy said.

“I’m Ricky!!”The boy with a silly accent said.

“Hey I’m Sam..”The cute boy with the hat on said.

“And I’m Jc...”The rude boy said.

“Who are you?”Trevor said smiling.I smiled back and said 

“I’m Lizzy but please call me Liz.”

“Hi Liz!”Everyone said but Jc.

Sam turned on the radio and Everyone started singing but Connor he looked back at me and smiled I smiled and turned looking at the back of the van.

“Hey”I looked to the front of the van to see Connor.


“I’m sorry about Jc earlier he is very stressed I’m also sorry about all of this.”

“It’s okay.”I said knowing it isn’t ok.Connor turned back to the front and started to sing.

“Hey guys when will I arrive home?”I said worried.

“Umm...We aren’t quite sure yet...”Kian said.

This is where I began to know that it was the end of me...

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