Kidnapped by O2L

A girl named Liz is kidnapped by O2L after seeing Jc make a choice that will ruin his life for good.But what will happen when Jc starts to fall in love but the girl he loves is in love with another....Read more to find out!


1. The Fight

 grabbed my bag and started to walk home,It was pretty quiet outside considering it was late May and most people weren’t going home on a friday to write most people were going to parties and other “Summer” things. I decided to take a short cut since the road ahead was blocked off I went down an ally way to see seven boys yelling at each other,  One of the boys pushed one of them against the brick wall and a hit him the boy fell down, I stopped in shock and started to walk backwards to the main street I came from then I heard one of the boys say:

“What the hell Jc?!”

“Kian he was gonna kill us anyways!”

“You don’t know that...”

“Of course I do Connor check his pockets for blades,or an weapons!”

“Guys I’m scared...”

“I’m scared too Trevor has a point guys maybe we should leave...”

“Guys I have to go.”

“Me too.”

I started to walk backwards when I fell on something.

“OW!”I screamed then I covered my mouth hoping they didn’t hear me.

“Guys what was that?!”

“Connor I think someone is here.”

I shut my eyes and prayed that they wouldn’t see me, As I began to open my eyes 6 faces stared down at me I screamed then one covered my mouth.

“Shut up! Do you want us to get caught?!”

“Jc calm down this is a girl your talking to.”

“Connor stay out of this!”


“What are you guys gonna do to me now that you found me?”

“We are gonna go somewhere to talk,Its not safe here.”

“Trevor! Ricky! Get the van! we are going back to the apartment.”

I looked at the boy that told Jc not talk to me that way,I looked into his eyes and we had a connection like we had met before...

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