'I am not just some toy you can mess around with i feel things and what your doing now hurts and i wish you could just admit...' i trailed off
'Admit what?' Harry asked
'That you Love me!' I shouted at him
'I don't love you, I don't love anything or anyone, i am completely alone'
'My heart sank' i ran out crying why did this always have to happen to me?


15. Why don't you admit it already?

I decided to Meet Harry that night little did i know that it would change everything ....................

I got ready to go out, i went and picked out a nice dress with a cardigan over the top Black wedge heels and some light make-up i grabbed my purse and walked out the door. I got into my car and headed for the Mall. When i got there i looked around for the Pizza place and soon found it. 7:00 the clock read the note didn't say what time to be there so i went in and grabbed a table. A few minutes Harry showed up with a dozen frangipanis in his arm. I smiled and then he didn't see me at all and headed towards another table with none other than the girl i saw him hook up with this morning. I couldn't take it anymore he was such a jerk and i cant believe he would do this to me again, i cant believe i ever trusted him! i should have just gone to Travis. I got up and left with tears streaming down my face. I never wanted to see harry ever again. i got into my car and as soon as i started my car harry came out of the restaurant and headed towards me i quickly backed out and drove to my house i didn't care what Harry's excuse would be this time i couldn't stand his shit anymore! I ran inside my house and up to my room and just cried into my arms on my bed. Lucky Tyler wasn't here to see it i would have no problem with him bashing up harry at the moment. I heard a knock from downstairs at the front door i thought it was Tyler so i ran down the stairs and opened it to see none other than Harry the person who broke my heart.

"Hey" Harry said awkwardly 

"what do you want" i snapped back 

"Listen i forgot to put the time on the Note i realized that as soon as i saw you running away and i had been waiting there since 5, i thought you weren't going to come so i guess i wanted to get back at you so i went to get flowers and invite the slut from this morning i hooked up with from this morning i thought it would piss you off, obviously it did and i am so sorry this is all my fault"

"yeah it is your fault and i dont ever want to see you ever again, your a jerk and i should never had gotten into the car with you"

"Don't say that, i know you had a choice tonight, between me and Travis? there must be something inside of you that really likes me to keep giving me chances that i dont deserve"

I stopped for a moment 

"yes you dont deserve them and How did you know that?"

harry shrugged "i have my ways"

"whatever i dont want to see you anymore i should have chosen Travis anyway you were a mistake"

"I know you like me why wont you admit it?"


"finally the truth" harry said with a grin 

"shut-up now go away" i closed the door 

"So i guess i can't come in?" Harry said from the other side of the door

"Go away Harry" 

"I Am not going anywhere, i will wait all night if i have too"

"Well you have fun with that than, just be careful when Tyler come home i wouldn't want to get beat up by him"

"Well i wont if you would let me in "

"Still not going to happen Harry"

i walked upstairs hoping harry would go away eventually i drifted off to sleep.... I woke up and looked at my clock 2:00am i was really hungry for some reason so i got out of bed and went down stairs got something to eat and just as  was headed up stairs i heard a noise i thought Tyler must have passes out on the porch again so i went to open the door and there was Harry with flowers in hand asleep on my porch swing. i didn't actually think he would wait all night for me too let him in. I walked over to the swing to wake up Harry.

"what time is it" harry moaned 


"why wake me up than?"

"up you are asleep on my porch swing i thought you were Tyler coming home"

"Oh yeah i forgot i must have fallen asleep"

"No worries people usually sleep on my porch swing now and again" i said sarcastically 


"No! what do you think this is, now get your ass home and i am going back to sleep"

"i sorta was hoping we could talk?"

"At 2:00am i dont think so, go home Harry"

"No i wont leave hear until you invite me inside"

"For the last t-" i was cut off with a kiss from Harry pushing me up against the wall his lips were soft and melted against mine we walked slowly into my house our lips never leaving each others.

We walked up the stairs and started making out on our bed it was amazing, his lips were so soft against mine it was almost heavenly....

"wait Harry" i said

"what is it this time babe?"

"Don't call me that, i need to know that you wont brake my heart again, i cant stand going through your shit every time we kiss"

"than why do you keep coming back?" he said with a grin

"so that's what this is...."


" i am just a prize for you to get, you dont actually like me do you?"

"well.... i am kidding yes i like you okay?"

"so i am not a prize?"

"well you started out as one but than i got to know you a bit, than Travis came into the picture than i got jealous and than the hospital thing happened , than the slut came into it "

"so now  you like me or dont you?"

"i am not sure "

"well i can't do i am not sure, its either you like me or you don't"

"why are you obsessing about this anyway? you dont like me either"

"i never said that.....'

"well do you?"

" if i say it than it becomes real and than if you brake my heart again i wont be able to take it i am serious this time"

"I know i have reacted badly in these situations lately its just,... i am scared to and i have never had like a real relationship before and i gotta tell you it scares the crap outta me"

"me too"

we laid on my bed that night not sure what the future would bring but hopefully there would be Harry and i in there somewhere.


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