'I am not just some toy you can mess around with i feel things and what your doing now hurts and i wish you could just admit...' i trailed off
'Admit what?' Harry asked
'That you Love me!' I shouted at him
'I don't love you, I don't love anything or anyone, i am completely alone'
'My heart sank' i ran out crying why did this always have to happen to me?


4. That Afternoon, and and unexpected surprise

It was finally time to go home and i was exhausted i had a pretty good time at school surprisingly  That's a first in a very long time. I finally arrived at home and saw my older brother Tyler lying on the couch watching Ellen (he LOVES her but he will never admit it ) waiting for me to get home. I walked in the door 

"Her Maree, how was school?" He shouted although he was less than a meter away from me i guess Thats just how we roll in this family.

"It was good thanks, I made some new friends and met a few boys." Tyler's head shot up straight away and made a few kissy noises at me. Honestly trust him to do that.

"Shut up Tye, They are just friends well i don't even know if consider one of them a friend yet he is a bit snobby and kept giving me dirty looks until we had last period together and he finally talked to me"

"What did he say?"

"that he was sorry , and that he wanted to start over and than introduced himself to me"

"Seem fair enough i just wouldn't trust him straight away, give it some time maybe you might be wrong about him, you never know life is unexpected like that sometimes.

"yeah" i mumbled and than got my bag and walked into my room i got all my books out and started on my homework i had to get some music going first though so i got my apple mac out and went to iTunes picked out my favorite song 

Radioactive by Imagine Dragons 

I quickly checked Facebook i had over 20 new friend requests all from new people from school. I recognized a few people live Travis, Maggie and her few friends i was deleting the rest because i didn't know them, i got to the last person and it was Harry.... I didn't know what i should do, It's not like he really had much interest in me anyway. I accepted and then got back to doing my homework... I soon got bored and went to lye down on my bed and looked around at my new room we had just moved in i painted my walls a baby blue with poetry and quotes from songs, Movies and stuff like that in white around and on my walls and furniture. I had a white dresser to match my big white double bed and i had a big whit door at the far side of my room which was a walk in wardrobe with another door leading you into a bathroom. i drifted to sleep and found myself dreaming about Harry he was gorgeous (as usual) but there was something about him that i was convinced he wasn't good and that he would do something to try and hurt me.

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