'I am not just some toy you can mess around with i feel things and what your doing now hurts and i wish you could just admit...' i trailed off
'Admit what?' Harry asked
'That you Love me!' I shouted at him
'I don't love you, I don't love anything or anyone, i am completely alone'
'My heart sank' i ran out crying why did this always have to happen to me?


5. Interesting Morning

I woke up and stretched out a bit than looked at my huge clock reading 8:20am. SHIT I AM LATE FOR SCHOOL.

I ran to the bathroom quickly applied make-up and brushed my teeth and hair than ran to get dressed and get my stuff i walked out the door and saw the bus leaving i wasn't fast enough to catch up with it so i decided to walk it. i was already going to be late anyway, who cares if i am actually little bit later?

i started walking and from nowhere a black Porsche came up beside me and rolled down the window it was harry....

i couldn't help but think of the dream i had,had last night with him in it and me not trusting him even now there looked to be something dangerous about him but i didn't know what it was.

"want a lift to school?"

"I don't take lifts from strangers"

"I am not a stranger , you know me dont be like that babe" he said with a grin

"lets get one thing straight i am NOT your babe and never will be and why would i take a ride from someone who hates me ?"

"i thought we already had this conversation i don't hate you, now would you quit being so stubborn and get in the car?"

"No." and then i started to pick up the pace a bit , in hopes that he wouldn't follow or catch up to me, my plan failed because the shiny black Porsche pulled up next to me and harry go out of the car threw me over his shoulder and chucked me in his car, i have to admit it was a pretty nice car but still a jerk driving it.

"what was that for?, I was perfectly happy just walking to school if you don't mind" i went to get out of the care but he locked all the doors on me 

"what are you doing?" i said a little scared now

"i am making sure you get to school safe." 

"Ok" a little terror in my voice 

the rest of the the car ride to school was long and silent

we finally arrived at school and parked his car than he just sat there i was waiting for harry to unlock the door but he didnt i was once again scared

"can you please unlock the door?"


"why not?"

"because i want to do this" and at that moment he looked into my eyes cupped his hands around my my face and passionately kissed me. it caught me off guard so i tried to push him back but he was starting to come closer to me as though he wanted to go further. i got really scared then so i punched him in the gut he moaned in pain and than looked up at me 

"what was that for?"

"i have know you all of 2 seconds and you want to have sex with me?"

"So, who is gonna care?"

"I certainly will never go there with you that's a big step and i am not some slut OK" i shouted at him

he didn't respond after a few minutes harry shrugged down into his seat and unlocked the doors i grabbed my back quickly and running out of the car and into the school bell to go to first period just rang.


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