'I am not just some toy you can mess around with i feel things and what your doing now hurts and i wish you could just admit...' i trailed off
'Admit what?' Harry asked
'That you Love me!' I shouted at him
'I don't love you, I don't love anything or anyone, i am completely alone'
'My heart sank' i ran out crying why did this always have to happen to me?


11. Hello Beautiful

Harry's P.O.V

i woke up in a strange room, white doors, white walls ,white everything i though i was in heaven. But if i was in heaven why was Maree here? than i realized i am in the hospital but why is she here? did she see me have the accident? i looked outside and the sun was just rising so i closed my eyes and went back to sleep i didn't want Maree to wake up she looked like such an angel when she is sleeping.

Maree's P.O.V

he looked so cute when he is sleeping but i wish he would wake up soon i was starting to get really worried about him now, what would happen if he never woke up? i would never be able to tell him how i really felt, that made me really sad and tears started to come to my eyes and i was crying hoping and praying that Harry would wake up soon...

Harry's P.O.V. 

I woke up but this time it was because someone was crying i looked down to see Maree crying against my hand. Why? does she feel the same way too? I went to wipe a tear away and she looked up to me with tears in her eyes and than she gave me a massive hug and before she could pull away i turned to her and cupped her face and kissed her like i hadn't seen her in 5 years she was beautiful and i didn't want her to cry, at least not over me, i'm not worth it.

"Hey beautiful " i said with a wink 

"H-hi i can't believe your alive and awake it's a-amazing" she said with a big smile 

"Haha yeah i guess so, you can't get rid of me that easily" i said 

" I hope not " she said her cheeks flushing with red it was adorable and she looked amazing even though her mascara was nearly down to her chin

"Don't cry" i said 

"It's okay i wont now that your hear with me " 

"I 'm glad your here with me, but how?" i said 

"because i saw it on the news i was too busy fighting with my brother about what he said to you i told him it was a huge mistake because i ....."

"Because you what?" 

"Because I LIKE YOU Harry !"

"I like you too"

we kissed again this time not as long but just as passionate and i wrapped my arms around her neck and she giggled pulling away from me and laying next to me we stayed there snuggled together in the hospital bed for the rest of the day

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