'I am not just some toy you can mess around with i feel things and what your doing now hurts and i wish you could just admit...' i trailed off
'Admit what?' Harry asked
'That you Love me!' I shouted at him
'I don't love you, I don't love anything or anyone, i am completely alone'
'My heart sank' i ran out crying why did this always have to happen to me?


14. Harry or Travis?

After reading the letter from Harry i broke down in tears i didn't know what to do, I was still meeting Travis after school so it would either be Travis or Harry i didn't know who to pick.. I decided to call Maggie she would know what to do 

"Hey" Maggie said from the other side

"Hey it's Maree, I need to ask you something" I said

"What's up?"

"I dont know who to meet this afternoon Travis or Harry?"

"Wait what?"

"Ok Harry asked me to meet him after school but Travis did the same and now i dont know who to choose cause if i blow off Harry i will never get him and if i blow of Travis he will never want to be y friend cause i think he likes me too"

"Ok, well i think its up to you, Listen to what your heart wants not what society, your family or even what i tell you, deep down you know who you like and your just scared to admit it"

"That's true"

"Exactly i am always right" Maggie said with a chirpy sound in her voice

"Hahaha okay talk to you later, bye Maggie" i said than hung up the phone

I was still confused in what to do i still didn't know who i was going to choose Harry or Travis..............................





Sorry For the short chapter xx

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