'I am not just some toy you can mess around with i feel things and what your doing now hurts and i wish you could just admit...' i trailed off
'Admit what?' Harry asked
'That you Love me!' I shouted at him
'I don't love you, I don't love anything or anyone, i am completely alone'
'My heart sank' i ran out crying why did this always have to happen to me?


1. Get Off Me

I am so scared i am starting a new school and i am really nervous for some reason i have been to plenty of school 5 to be exact my family moves and travel a lot (mostly because of dad's work he is in the army so we don't get to see him very often and i miss him a lot it has nearly been two years since we last sore him) I live with my older brother Tyler he is nearly 20 and goes to U.N.I he is out most of the time so we don't see him all that often. He takes care of me since my mum died when i was around 5 i miss her too but i have always had Tyler there to support me. After mum's death dad through himself into his work so we don't see him a lot. 

I was sleeping peacefully then out of no where there is a giant body on top of me screaming 


"SHUT UP TYLER !, Can't you see people are trying to sleep around here?"

"Haha nope sorry don't see anyone" Tyler said with a big Grin on his face 

"your so funny arnt you?" i said with a grin then pushed him off my bed and i heard a big bang on the floor and i was satisfied with what had just happened he deserved it 

I slipped outta bed stepping over Tyler to get ready for school i was on my way to the door when i heard a big moan and an angry voice saying

"I will get you back!"

"I would like to see you try" i stuck my tongue out at him and quickly ran to the bathroom

i had a quick shower and got changed into my new uniform in was a red/green skirt with a white shirt i looked terrible. I blow dried my hair and curled it out. I put it into a hair Bow and then let some curls run down my back. I quickly brushed my teeth and applied some make-up and then heading down stairs to get some lunch money and grabbed a juice box . I picked up my aqua and blue billabong backpack quickly shouted 

"Bye Tye"

and he responded with

"Bye lazy butt" 

Then i  headed for the door and too the bus stop.

I was really nervous  for what today would bring.......

by the way my name is Maree 

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