People change memories don't ( 1D fanfic)

" Everyone thinks they understand me, but they're wrong. They don't. The only person who understands me is myself" I said to Niall as we laid on the ground gazing at the stars.
Meet Charmaine, the street busker and also the girl who was used, misunderstood and judged. But apart from all the shit she gets , she still manages to keep on smiling. But what happens when one day when she meets a blonde blue eyed Irish boy that helps her uncover her insecurities? Will she fall for him? will he like her whilst knowing that his best mate " Harry styles" fancies her too?


7. This has to be...wait for it... FAITH

Niall's P.O.V

Today was another free day for all of us, only this time the boys were home and not out. Zayn, Louis and Liam were in the front hall watching " Family guy". Harry was not there so I presumed he was in his room or something, which was weird because his favorite show is " Family Guy". Meh, maybe he was busy. s. I decided to take a drive downtown and look for Charmaine, and yes I can't stop thinking about her and the fact that it was her on the sidewalk that day. I grabbed my jacket and headed to the door when Harry called my name.


" Niall?" He said while coming down the stairs.

" Oh hey Haz" I replied

" Where ya going?" He asked skeptically

" Oh you know... Out" I replied calmly (not)

" And where is exactly...Out?" Harry asked  stepping closer to me while raising an eyebrow.

" uh..uh.." . What's wrong with you Niall?! Why can't you just say that you're going out to look for Charmaine? Stupid!

Before I was going to answer, Harry answered my question for me.

" You're going out to see Charmaine, aren't you?" He replied grinning as he leaned on the wall. Well that's done, secret's out.

" Okay Fine! I was gonna see her" I replied shaking my head. I am such a douche when it comes to girls sometimes. I turned my back to the door , ready to twist the doorknob when Harry's laughter filled the room.  Wait, Harry's laughter? Harry's laughing?

" Why are you laughing" I asked turning my back to face him, his face was red from laughing and his dimples were showing.

" Oh Niall, you're funny when you don't realize you are" He replied wiping a tear from his eye.

" Um okay? But still, what's so funny?" I asked curiously. Honestly, I found nothing funny at all.

" What's funny is the reaction you have towards girls, you become so quiet and shy and you start to stutter if you're going to say something. It's just hilarious." Harry replied grinning.

I rolled my eyes. " Well I'm not you Harry! I know I don't the have confidence like you have towards them and I most certainly don't get the girls I want but Charmaine is different, she 's different from the others. The very first time I've met her, I knew there was something about her that was special and that's why I need to see her Haz" I replied.

Harry's expression soften down as he gave me a half smile.

" You're Niall Horan from one direction, you can get any girl you want without asking" He replied patting my shoulder. I smiled . Okay maybe that boosted up my confidence.

" Thanks Mate" I replied giving him a hug. I turned my back to the door again to open it when Harry called my name again.

" Niall"

" Yeah?"

" She must be something" . I smiled.

" She sure is" . I turned the doorknob and was on my way.

My first stop was the guitar parlor where I first met Charmaine. I opened the doors to the parlor and looked around while walking on. They weren't many people, just some kids that were going in for classes, a few customers but no Charmaine. I headed to the counter and decided to ask one of the employees there. I looked down at his name tag. It read " Darren" . Oh , so this is Darren.

" Um, hi " I said looking up at him. Darren was blonde, blue eyes and well a good smile. He almost looked like brad pitt, when he was younger.

" Oh Hello, and what is it that may I help you with?" He replied smiling.

" Um..yeah I was wondering where I could find Charmaine?" I asked while crossing my fingers behind my back. Please say you know where she is. Please. Please

" Oh she's probably out street busking out in the park" He replied calmly. Street busking? Charmaine was a street busker? now that would have explain her guitar skills.

" Oh, does she do that all the time?" I asked.

" Oh yeah, it's a thing for her" He replied. I nodded my head in agreement. Tons of questions and thoughts were going through my mind when Darren interrupted them by saying " Hey, aren't you that dude from one direction?" . I smiled and nod. " Yes, yes I am" I replied. He grinned.

" I knew it, Charmaine told me that you were here a few days ago"

" She did?"

" Yeah, she said you wanted to that blue fender guitar over there" he said while pointing at " Fendy".

" She remembered?" I asked in disbelief.

" Well yeah, one thing you must know about Charmaine is that she has a good memory " He said while grinning. Good memory huh?

" Why are you looking for her anyways?" he asked raising an eyebrow. Oh no.

" y-y-you se-"

" You like her don't you?" He asked smirking. Great another question answered

" Um...well..I" . Great! I'm stuttering again.

" It's okay I won't tell her" he said winking. WHEW! that was close...ish.

I let out a sigh of relief. "Thanks Man" I said.

" No probs, just promise me that you won't be a jerk like that guy " Tom" was" He said shaking his head. Tom? Whose tom?

" Whose Tom?" I asked curiously. There was a whole new expression on Darren's face.

" Oh you don't know? Well It's not my story to tell" He answered grinning. " But don't worry, she'll tell you. I promise. Just give her some time" He continued crossing his heart. I laughed.

" Yeah maybe she will" I replied half smiling.

After everything in the guitar parlor, I decided to go to the park to find Charmaine.  Questions about the " Tom" guy were spinning around my head. Who was he and what did he do to her? I needed to know. No Niall No. Remember what Darren said . You just have to be patient that's all! I said while giving myself a little pep talk in my head. I stopped walking and took a deep breath. Much better.

It was already 4:30 and there was no sign of Charmaine anywhere. I was going to give in when I heard a melodious voice coming from behind a tall bush. That has to be her.

I went around the bush and found a crowd of people crowding around the melodious singer.

" Excuse me,"

" Sorry maam"

Those were the words that I kept saying for me to make my way thru the crowd. When I did, the first thing I noticed was a girl, Tan skin, Brown hair and of course the most amazing smile ever. I knew it. She was singing " I want to hold your hand" by the beatles. Good song choice .

I want to hold your hand"

" I want to hold your hand".... Her song was ending. I decided to hide behind a nearby tree so she wouldn't see me just yet.

" Thank you all so much" She said while the crowd clapped. A few minutes later, people were walking away and the crowd became lesser. Charmaine was crouching down zipping her guitar case.

" Charmaine?" I said.

Charmaine's P.O.V.


 It was nice Sunday afternoon so I thought  why not go street busking? And I did. I  predicted the crowd of usual  the people in the park, I predicted the song I was going to sing infact I even predicted something surprising   will pop out today, and you know what? it did. But what I didn't predict was what was the " surprise", and to my amazement it was Niall. Yes Niall, the boy that I met in Darren's Parlor two days ago.

" Niall?" I answered as I got up from zipping my guitar case.

" Well isn't this a coincidence? " he said.

" Yeah I guess. How are you?" I asked. I still can't believe it's Niall.

" I'm good, How about you?" he replied.

" never better" I replied smiling. We stood there facing each other awkwardly thinking on what to ask each other. Niall decided to break the silence first.

" So, I didn't know you're a street busker" he asked.

" Well you do now" I replied cheerfully. He laughed.

" Do you do this all the time?" he asked as we walked away from where we were previously. .

" Yeah, it's kind of my thing." I replied.

" I see, Darren sure knows you like the back of his hand." He said. Wait a second, Darren? What did Darren have to do with this?

" Darren?" I said.

" Yeah, he's the one who told me that busking was your thing. Are you two? know"

" Dating?" I said answering his question for him. " No, we're just good friends that's all, and yeah I do tell him a lot things when i'm in the mood too." I replied.

" Really?" he asked,surprised .

" Yup" I replied. Why did he think that me and Darren were dating? Weird.

We were out of the park by the next 15 minutes, and we were know at Niall's car. Nice car, judging the fact that it was a " Ferrari. I looked at the time. It was 5:00pm.

" Need a ride home?" He said while gesturing to the car. I laughed. He must've noticed me taking a look at my time.

" Nah I was just checking my time, besides it's too early to go back now" .

" Really? so you don't have any plans after this?"

" Nope, I'm free as a bird"

" Great, so let's meet the boys" He replied cheerfully. Did he just say meet the boys? What boys?

" Blonde irish boy say what now?" I replied. He laughed. Wait, why is he laughing?

" Why are you laughing?" I asked curiously.

" I'm laughing because you're funny, Now come on let's meet them!" He replied while opening the door of his car.


Before I could even protest, Niall had already closed the passenger's door and was walking to the driver's seat. Once everything was settled, and the engine was turned on and everything we were ready to go.

" Ready?" Niall asked.

" No". I replied sarcastically. Niall laughed once more, oh how I just loved the sound of his laugh. I sighed happily as he drove away. I wonder how " the boys" are gonna be.

25 minutes later, we reached a high class condo. It was located in the center of London where all the celebrities, and big shots lived. Infact, it wasn't far from where I lived.

We walked inside the grand lobby. A crystal chandelier was hanging in the middle of the lobby. Fancy, fancy indeed.

" What floor do you live in?" I asked.

" The 27th, it's the penthouse by the way." He answered hinting. I laughed

" I'll keep that in my mind Niall" I replied pointing to my head while grinning.

We reached Niall's apartment in one minute tops since the lift didn't stop for anyone. Niall inserted what it seems to be a key card into the slot. When the light turned green, we went in.

So yeah, everything was big and fancy. Big crystal chandelier in the middle of the room, clean tiled floors, obviously they hired a maid. You don't expect 5 famous guys in a currently famous boyband mopping floors won't you? Amazing view. Meh, I have one myself. My thoughts of the house were lost when Niall interrupted me.

" I think they're in the kitchen" Niall said. I bobbed my head in agreement and followed him there.

3 guys around a dark brown mahagony table. Okay, maybe this was new. What I had was only a table counter and dining table fit for 4, but this? This is a table that can actually hold a feast! and the best part was

My thoughts were interrupted by the greeting of the other boys. " Hello" they all said in unision.

" Hi" I replied cheerfully hoping not to sound awkward or weird. I always sucked at first impressions.

" I'm Louis" said the boy in the stripe t-shirt.

"  Zayn" said the boy with the quiff.

"  Liam" said the boy in a purple t-shirt.

" and i'm Harry" said a voice behind me. I turned and found myself facing at a pair of green eyes. Harry smiled showing his dimples. I smiled awkwardly and turned around to face the boys.

Harry's P.O.V.

I can't believe it, it was really her! She was everything what Niall described her as. Even in a graphic tee and a pair of jeans, she already looked beautiful.

From the corner of my eye, I could see Niall giving me the look. I chuckled to myself and sat down with the rest of the boys.

" I'm Charmaine" she replied to all of us .

" Well, " Charmaine" . It's finally great to meet you" Louis said standing up to shake her hand.

" Finally great to meet me?" she replied in bewilderment.

" Oh he didn't tell you?" Louis said shifting his gaze to Niall. " Niall here has been talking about you nonstop." Louis replied grinning at Niall. I turned my gaze to Niall who was already looking at the polished tile floor.

" Is that true now?" she  asked Niall while grinning.

" Well..i ...uh... " Niall said stuttering. She chuckled to herself. " It's okay Niall " she said giving him a reassuring smile showing off her pearlie whites.

" Are you staying for dinner?" Zayn asked.

" Me? Dinner? with one direction?" she replied confused. " But I just came her to meet you guys" she replied innocently. My heart melted when she gave me a small smile. This girl.

" You have to stay!" I replied quickly. Everyone was staring at me in bewilderment. Shit, They'll suspect something. Even Niall.

" I mean, you have to stay for Niall's sake" I replied gesturing Niall. Niall gave me the what-the-heck-do-you-think-you're-doing look. I smirked.

" So how about it? Will you stay?" Zayn asked once more.

" Sure, I guess" She replied cheerfully. " Bur before I do, let me just tell Sandra" she said while taking her phone out of her pocket. Sandra? whose Sandra?.

" Sandra?" I asked curiously. " Yeah. She's a good friend of mine." she replied. Sandra? Good friend? Interesting.

Charmaine's P.O.V.

 " Sandra?" I said when Sandra picked up on the other line.

" oh hello there Charmaine, is everything okay?" she asked.

" Oh everything's fine. I'm just calling in to say that i'm not coming back for dinner"

" WHAT?" Sandra shouted from the other line. I swear it was so loud that the boys could even hear it.

" Calm down will ya? I'm just having dinner with Niall and his friends"

" Niall? Is it that one direction boy again?" . I could imagine her face asking the question

" Yes" I replied.

" Amazing, This has to be... wait for it... Faith" she exclaimed excitedly .

" Yeah sure, whatever you say Sandra" I said while rolling my eyes.

She chuckled. " Okay, don't be too late now" she replied before hanging up without a bye or anything.

" Well goodbye to you too" I replied sarcastically. That's when I just remembered I said the exact same thing what Niall said when he was on the phone with someone when we were in the guitar parlor.

After the phone call, the boys decided to call for pizza since they didn't cook anything. I on the other hand, was fine with anything.

The boys bought 4 boxes of pizza. At first I thought it was actually absurd to buy that many of pizza until Harry explained to me that Niall is big eater. He could finish the 4 boxes if he wanted too.  Wow I thought to myself.

When the Pizza arrived, the boys took the pizza out to the living room . A giant flat screened TV greeted us.

" What should we see?" Liam asked.

" Well definitely not toy story, we just saw that yesterday" said Harry shifting his gaze to me. I smiled at him, and he gave me a wink that got me blushing like mad. Now I see why Sandra likes him, I mean besides being Harry styles he was nice, handsome and could get a girl to fall over him anytime. But then again, I think I was never interested in him in THAT way. Infact I think I was never his type.

Niall was flipping through the channels went he came across Sherlock on BBC One but then changed it after that.

" HOLD IT" I shouted that everyone fixed their eyes on me." Go back one channel" I said slowly. Niall looked confused but did what he was told. He pressed the back button on the remote and Sherlock's face appeared again.

" Looks like we have a Sherlockian in the house" Said Louis.

" WHOOP WHOOP" followed by Zayn. I laughed. These boys.

" Have you seen this episode?" Niall asked .

" Actually yeah, I watched it like what? 8 times " I replied calmly.

" 8 times ?" Niall exclaimed. I chuckled.

" Well I am " SHERLOCKED" I replied grinning. We stared at each other for a while before bursting out laughing. When we stopped laughing, we went back eating our pizza and watching the show.

" You know Charmaine, I've been meaning to ask you this: but are you from around here?" Harry asked.

I smiled. " Nah, I'm from California" I replied .

" Scratch that, We have a California girl here" Louis exclaimed excitingly. I laughed after Niall, Harry and Zayn started blurting out the chorus of the song. Me and Liam shook our heads.

" Welcome to London" he said while grinning at me. I laughed at his statement.  

Welcome to London indeed.


FINALLY! After weeks of finishing this, It's FINALLY done! I apologize though for taking so long, but I told you guys it was a long chapter. Anyways! Hope you guys enjoy! KEEP READING





























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