People change memories don't ( 1D fanfic)

" Everyone thinks they understand me, but they're wrong. They don't. The only person who understands me is myself" I said to Niall as we laid on the ground gazing at the stars.
Meet Charmaine, the street busker and also the girl who was used, misunderstood and judged. But apart from all the shit she gets , she still manages to keep on smiling. But what happens when one day when she meets a blonde blue eyed Irish boy that helps her uncover her insecurities? Will she fall for him? will he like her whilst knowing that his best mate " Harry styles" fancies her too?


16. Thank you Harry

Harry's P.O.V

There I was jogging in the park at peace. Now distractions, no whatsoever and when I come back what do I find? Niall and Charmaine kissing! Great just great, of course they pulled back immediately as soon as they saw me.

Honestly, I didn't know what to feel anymore. I couldn't feel angry cause Charmaine wasn't mine and I even told myself that she was Niall's even when I had feelings for her. I couldn't feel sad because there were no emotions or anything. I felt empty, like a hollow nut. I was a nut, and a stupid one too.

I did my best to keep a smile on my face as I walked nearer to them.

" So, what's shaking guys!" I asked as I sat down on the couch. Charmaine and Niall looked at each other.

" Um, you know just writing a song" Charmaine replied. Writing a song? They were writing a song. Remind me to never go jogging again.



" Cool, so anyways what brings you here Charmaine?" I asked. Charmaine's eyes widened as she got up from Niall and took a seat next to me. From the corner of my eyes, I could see Niall's face saddened.  

" I am here because of this" She said handing me a tabloid which had our picture on it. I remember it was the same tabloid Paul showed us the other day.

" Are they serious? One night stand? how could they publish such a thing" she said coming closer. I could smell her perfume, it smelt fantastic.

I shrugged. " The press will be the press and paparazzis will be paparazzis" I replied. " but don't worry though, give it a few more weeks, 2 perhaps and they'll forget everything." I replied smiling. Charmaine's face gleamed up .

" Are you sure?" she asked. I took her hand and held it lightly. " Trust me, I'm sure" I replied. Charmaine gave me one of her heart warming smiles and hugged me. Which was weird cause I just came back from a jog and i'm covered in sweat but she didn't care.

" Thanks Harry" she said as she gave me a peck on the cheek and vanished into the kitchen where Louis was. Did she just pecked me on the cheek when Niall's behind me. I turned behind but Niall wasn't there anymore.


Niall's P.O.V.

I silently went up to my room as soon as Charmaine and Harry started chatting. As I sat on the bed, I recalled back what I did and that was kissing Charmaine. Eventhough it was 15 second kiss, it was truly amazing. My lips on her lips, my hands around her waist. Wow. But of course, Harry just had to butt in at the right time. Gee thanks Harry, as I gave an applause.

 But then again, I knew Charmaine wasn't here because of me. She was here because of Harry, because of that tabloid thing. I shook my head in annoyance thinking about the whole tabloid thing. Charmaine's looked so happy with him! Infact both of them were happy and that got me thinking. Did she even like the kiss? Did she felt the same way about how I felt about her? or was her heart set out for Harry? It's been like what a week since I met Charmaine and she's been already driving me crazy! What the hell?

This is an example of a first world problems, you meet someone in a random place , be friends with them, ends up having feelings for the person and it's already driving you bonkers. I leaned back on my bed. When someone knocked on the door.

" Come in" I said still lying in bed. It was Harry. Whopee, who wouldn't guess.

" Hey" he said sitting next to me. " Hey" I replied. There was a moment of silence.

" So, did you guys reall-"

" Kiss? Yeah I guess." I said cutting Harry's sentence off.

" How did it feel like"? Harry asked. You know he's got a point there. How DID it feel like?

" It was amazing" I replied smiling but then it faded away, thinking about what she would say afterwards.

" Of course it was." Harry replied. " She's different isn't she?" I asked.

" You have no idea." Harry replied smiling. You know i'm glad Harry understands my feelings towards Charmaine. I mean, imagine if I kept it to myself all this time, Harry would have been shagging her already.

" You know Niall, Charmaine, she's special and she won't be available forever because a girl like her. WOW"  Harry said getting up.

" Thanks Haz" I said .

" For what?" he replied ready to turn the doorknob.  I shook my head. I didn't know how to put it in a way.

" Nevermind" I replied smiling. Harry furrowed his eyebrows and left.
















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