People change memories don't ( 1D fanfic)

" Everyone thinks they understand me, but they're wrong. They don't. The only person who understands me is myself" I said to Niall as we laid on the ground gazing at the stars.
Meet Charmaine, the street busker and also the girl who was used, misunderstood and judged. But apart from all the shit she gets , she still manages to keep on smiling. But what happens when one day when she meets a blonde blue eyed Irish boy that helps her uncover her insecurities? Will she fall for him? will he like her whilst knowing that his best mate " Harry styles" fancies her too?


12. She's Amazing

Harry's P.O.V.

" Then again, thanks  Harry" she said before closing the passenger's door.

I realized after our day in the park, me and Charmaine actually have quite a lot of things in common with each other. She likes cats, I like cats. She likes Tacos, I like Tacos but most of all we share the same birthday month and the same star sign. Amazing isn't? and most of all she isn't like the other girls. She's not pushy, or girly or mean . Instead she's honest, fun and happy but most of all she's just herself and that's what makes it so perfect.

I mean, the girl even thought that " The Hunger Games" had something to do with food! I thought the same too! But now the question is, should I get her? I mean I could but what about Niall? He'll be heartbroken and of course I don't want that, Niall's my friend but Charmaine is just so amazing! I know a girl like her won't be single forever.

My thoughts were interrupted when my phone rang. It was Louis.

" Harry, we're having Nandos for dinner......again"

" Again? but we just had that yesterday!"

" I know, that's why the word "again" has it's use in the sentence"

I rolled my eyes.

" Fine, oh and guess who I met today"


" Pamela?"

" Yeah, you know Pamela, the red head girl that you brought back 2 days ago?"

" Oh, well no"

" Okay? Then who?"

" Charmaine"

" Charmaine? Harry , what did you do?"

" I didn't do anything! I just met her in the supermarket coincidently and then we went to the park and hung out. But it was all a coincidence."

" Define Hung out"

" We talked Louis, that's all. Sheesh. You sound like my mom"

" I am your mom. Now get back here this instant! The food's already here!"

I groaned. " Yes mom". I replied before hanging up. I continued driving back thinking about Charmaine when Niall suddenly appeared in my mind. Wait, what is Louis told Niall? How is he gonna react? Is he gonna be mad.

Well Shit.


Why hello there again,

So, i'm sure you guys remember me asking you who should Charmaine be with right and most of you said Niall.

Niall eh?

and @atzluvs1D123 even suggested that Charmaine should meet with all the members of 1D ( that she did) and fall in love with a different band member. Now fall in love with a different band member from another band or a band member from 1D. I'm confused. LOL.

But then again. thank you for all your interesting comments . I really appreciate it! I didn't really think anyone would reply.

But now here's a different question.

" So are you guys reconsidering Harry? " :p




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