People change memories don't ( 1D fanfic)

" Everyone thinks they understand me, but they're wrong. They don't. The only person who understands me is myself" I said to Niall as we laid on the ground gazing at the stars.
Meet Charmaine, the street busker and also the girl who was used, misunderstood and judged. But apart from all the shit she gets , she still manages to keep on smiling. But what happens when one day when she meets a blonde blue eyed Irish boy that helps her uncover her insecurities? Will she fall for him? will he like her whilst knowing that his best mate " Harry styles" fancies her too?


4. Niall, the lovesick puppy

Niall's P.O.V.

So turns out this whole celebration thing in Harry's house was just some " congratulations party" for us. We ordered a few drinks, bought pizza. Meh, the usual kind. I went to the kitchen and saw Liam and Danielle teasing each other.

Liam swiped a whip of cream with his finger from a nearby cake and tapped it on Danielle's nose. Danielle did the same thing too, only she tapped it on  Liam's forehead. I smiled at the love and affection they were giving each other. On the other hand, Louis, Zayn, Perrie and Eleanor were on the couch having a conversation together. I wanted to join in but decided not to, knowing i'll be the odd one out there. Harry, well Harry was talking to some girl. I sighed and walked to the balcony. The view of London was amazing, it's just a shame I don't have anyone to share it with.

Charmaine was still in my mind. Eventhough we didn't spend much time together but I just felt something different about her, plus she could play the guitar. I mean I've met girls who knew how to play the guitar and all but I've never met a girl who could play the guitar as good as Charmaine. I chuckled at the thought when she said " fandom fan off". She sure is something.

My thoughts were interrupted when the boys creeped out from behind me while scaring the living daylights out of me.

" Jesus guys" I said as I wiped my seat of my forehead.

" Awwww, Did little Nialler Wialler got scared?" Louis said with a baby tone. I rolled my eyes.

" So watcha thinking about?" Liam asked as he sat down on one of the chairs that was laid outside the balcony.

" Something" I replied looking out at the scenery and not at them.

" Are you sure Niall? cause it sounds more like someone" Zayn replied grinning.

" This is about a girl, isn't?" Harry said as he wrapped his arms over my shoulders. Great, I didn't even mention one word about Charmaine and now they're all over it.

" So who is she Niall?" Zayn asked as he took one more step nearer to me.

" Her name's Charmaine okay?" I replied while turning my back to face them.

" Charmaine?" they all said in unison

" Yes Charmaine, I met her today in " Darren's guitar parlor" while we had our day off" I replied as I took the seat next to Liam. The rest of the boys crept closer to hear my story.

" How did she look like?" Harry asked.

" Oh she was beautiful! Brown hair, brown eyes, tan skin, oh and the best part of all is amazing smile" I replied in daze. They laughed.

" Niall's a lovesick puppy" Louis teased. I slapped him on the chest as I went back into my daze about Charmaine.

" Oh and did I mention she plays guitar?" I said.

" Wow, she must be something for you Niall" Liam said smiling me.

" Yeah, I guess she is" I replied and looked up to the sky.

I wonder what is Charmaine doing now.............................................


   Okay this may not be fan fic related but I have a really important question for you guys and that is " Do you anyone who can sing, play musical instruments, has a decent face and can speak good English?" If you do please message me or something cause me and my friend are finding people for our band :D and we really need your help

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