People change memories don't ( 1D fanfic)

" Everyone thinks they understand me, but they're wrong. They don't. The only person who understands me is myself" I said to Niall as we laid on the ground gazing at the stars.
Meet Charmaine, the street busker and also the girl who was used, misunderstood and judged. But apart from all the shit she gets , she still manages to keep on smiling. But what happens when one day when she meets a blonde blue eyed Irish boy that helps her uncover her insecurities? Will she fall for him? will he like her whilst knowing that his best mate " Harry styles" fancies her too?


13. Back at home

Harry's P.O.V.

" Hello!" I shouted while closing door before entering the house. I could smell the food from here already! I walked to the kitchen and saw Zayn and Liam eating.

" Hey" I said.

" Sup" Zayn said.

" Greetings" followed by Liam. I chuckled.

" Enjoying your Nandos?" I replied gesturing to it.

" Yup, here's your meal" Liam said while handing me a box of rice and chicken strips.

" Mild?" I asked.

"Yes" Zayn answered.

" Chicken well done?" I asked again.

" Harry, the chicken is always well done and if you're going to ask where Louis is. He's taking a bath. Feel free to join him" Zayn said grinning. I grinned back before heading out to the hall.

I sat down on the couch watching " Doctor who" since there wasn't anything interesting on. As I was just going to take a bite out of my chicken. Someone decided to sit next to me, it was Niall. SHIT NIALL!

" Hey Harry" he said.

" Hey" I replied uncertainly. Niall just nodded and continued watching the telly when a commercial of Sherlock appeared. The first thing that came into my mind was Charmaine.

" So  Louis told you met Charmaine" Niall said turning his gaze to me. He looked pretty calm but I knew he was a bit hurt.

" Um yeah, it was a coincidence in the supermarket." I replied.

" Cool"

There was a moment of silence when Niall asked " So what did you two talk about?"

" Oh, you know the usual stuff, her life, her family. The usual stuff." I answered casually.

" Did she tell you anything about Tom?" he asked curiously. Who the hell is Tom?

" Tom?" I asked curiously.

" oh nevermind " he replied looking back at the telly. I shrugged and went back eating. Okay, I have to admit. Why is Niall so calm? I mean he isn't showing any signs of jealousy or anger. Does he not like Charmaine.

" Aren't know...mad" I asked quietly for him to here.

" About what?" he asked

" You know about me hanging out with Charmaine in the park. Aren't you? Disturbed by that?" I asked . Niall shrugged.

" Harry you're my friend and I trust you. Besides, you just met her coincidently and one thing just let to another. I mean it's not like you two kissed or anything...right?" he asked half serious and half friendly.

I nodded my head. " Of course not, she's all yours Niall" I said. Oh My God! Did I just say that? she's all yours?

" Thanks Haz" he said walking into the kitchen.

"She's all yours." kept replaying in my head.



soooooo how's it going so far guys? Loving it? of course you do :D you guys are awesome! KEEP READING






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