People change memories don't ( 1D fanfic)

" Everyone thinks they understand me, but they're wrong. They don't. The only person who understands me is myself" I said to Niall as we laid on the ground gazing at the stars.
Meet Charmaine, the street busker and also the girl who was used, misunderstood and judged. But apart from all the shit she gets , she still manages to keep on smiling. But what happens when one day when she meets a blonde blue eyed Irish boy that helps her uncover her insecurities? Will she fall for him? will he like her whilst knowing that his best mate " Harry styles" fancies her too?


5. All about you

Niall's P.O.V.

" Everyone get in now!" Liam shouted to all of us while gesturing to the car that was gonna pick us up for an interview. We didn't hesitate and all got in at once before we got mobbed or something. I swear, these are the days where you wish you weren't a member from a famous boyband. I mean it's so hard NOT to get noticed sometimes. I sighed as we got in the car.

" Where are we going exactly?" Louis asked looking at everyone

" We have an interview at the radio station remember?" Liam reminded him

" We do?" Louis said all surprised. I laughed at his expression.

" Yes! Paul announced it yesterday before the party even started, Gosh, you're getting all lou" Liam shaking his head.

" HEY! I'm not old .. I just had a lot on mind at that time" he said covering his whole act.

" Sure you did" Harry chirped in. We all laughed. " Shut it styles" Louis grinned and playfully punched Harry on the shoulder.

There was  massive traffic jam on the way to the radio station. Louis, Zayn and Harry were whining of hunger already. I looked at Liam and we shook our heads. Me and Liam woke up a tad bit earlier today so we could have our breakfast while the others were still asleep cause we knew this would eventually happen..and it did/

I looked out the window. It's a good thing our windows were tinted or else all hell would break lose if anyone knew one direction was in this very car right now.  There were not many people on the streets today, some joggers, some shoppers shopping for their groceries and a girl with a backpack carrying a ukulele on her right hand and a guitar on her left. No, it can't be! No it has to be! I mean what are the odds? Tan skin, Brown hair , Guitar in hand it has to be her.

" Charmaine" I said her name out loud. Too loud that it made everyone turn to me.

" Charmaine?" Zayn said.

" Yes, Charmaine! look!" I said and pointed at her. The boys pushed each other to get a closer view of her. She was giving out containers with food out to people. She even gave some to a less fortunate man that was sitting at the side of the street.

" Wow" Harry said quietly. I looked up at him but he didn't notice. I didn't know if it was a good wow or a bad wow but Harry was right. Wow indeed.

 What are you trying to do Charmaine?" I thought to myself.

Charmaine's P.O.V.

" Is this okay?" I asked Sandra while handling the spoon for her to taste the pasta. You see today was Matthew's Birthday, and everytime if there's a birthday going on. The whole committee and volunteers in the orphanage will team up and make the best birthday  party they can. The thought of that made me smile.

" Needs more salt" Sandra said while tasting my pasta. I added a pinch of salt to my pasta and passed the spoon for Sandra to taste it again.

" Better" she replied giving a thumbs up. I smiled.

" You know it's really nice of you to this " Sandra complimented.

" Well what can I say? I AM a nice person after all" I replied grinning.

" yeah ain't that the truth" Sandra said as she gave me an eye roll. I laughed. Oh sandra

" Do you want me to pack it up for you in the containers?" Sandra asked.

" Yes please" I answered and gave her a few containers to pack it in.

When everything was done. I grabbed my guitar. I never leave home without it. I also grabbed the ukulele that I promise to get Matthew for his birthday and yes, I did manage to save it up for him. I slung the backpack onto my shoulders and I was out of the house.

The way to the orphanage was normal as usual. There were extra pastas so I decided to give a box to Mr and Mrs. Vega, the old couple who owned the floral shop not far from the orphanage. The lady who sold me all my fresh fruits and that misfortunate man who would always sit or lie at the back alley. His face gleamed up when I gave him the container of pasta. I smiled. I loved making people smile.

After all of that, I finally reached my destination. The minute I walk through the doors, all the little girls and boys crowded around me calling my name all at once.

" Hello everyone" I said in between calls. Oh how I loved all of them

" Charmaine! Nice to see you again" Martha said. Martha was one of the regulars there. She was a retired woman with brown grayish hair and a humble attitude.

" Hello Martha" I said and hugged her.

" Here let me take this for you" she said as carefully took out my backpack from my shoulders.

" Oh Martha, the pasta's in there" I said while pointing to the backpack.

" Okay, i'll just take it out and i'll pass the bag back to you" she said smiling. I nodded. Such a nice person.

I made my way to the main hall and saw Matthew sitting on the couch with his other friends. I hid the ukulele behind my back as I made my way to him.

" Matthew!" I said and walked closer.

" Charmaine!" he answered and ran towards me.

" I heard it's your birthday today" I said stalling the moment.

" Yes, yes it is" he replied.

" And I know you're expecting something from me right" I said crouching down this time

" Right" he answered cheerfully. I smiled.

" Well! here it is!" I said and handed him the ukulele. The expression that he had on his face was just  priceless.

" Thank you! so much Charmaine" he said and hugged me. I hugged him back. " Your welcome Matty" I replied still hugging him.

" Can I play it now?" he asked innocently . I laughed. " Of course you can! you can play it anytime and anywhere" I replied. I took my guitar in hand.

" Can we play " All about you" Matthew asked. I smiled.

" Absolutely"  I said and started strumming the tune .

                "It's all about you"

           " It's all about you baby"

              " It's all about you"

              " It's all about  you"          


Harro again,

So I hope you guys liked this chapter so far. There will be more though...

Oh and are any of you out there massive fans of Mcfly? cause I know I am! Even the song " all about you", yeah it's their song and it's damn good one too.

Oh Mcfly, how I love you from the start! TOM! DANNY! DOUGIE! HARRY! OMG THE FEELS ARE COMING BACK



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